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Only AutoInsurance.com provides all these benefits:

Customized Coverage

  • We make it easy to access your current auto insurance policy so you can make an apples-to-apples comparison. Without your current policy it is hard to know whether you are getting a lower price or just fewer benefits.

  • You can easily adjust your coverage and see the impact on price. Want to know the price if you select the minimum level of coverage, average, maximum? It’s easy to customize your coverage to fit your needs.

  • Choose a payment plan and make a down payment on your new policy.

Objective, Unbiased Comparisons

  • Our goal is to give you multiple quotes from reputable carriers so insurance companies compete for your business.

  • We are not affiliated with any one provider. We provide unbiased and independent insurance information and a one-of-a-kind quote comparison tool. We are committed to simplifying a complex buying process so you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford—in minutes.


  • Our site is simple, secure, objective and designed to be a tool that saves you money. We hope it helps you find the perfect policy at the best price possible.


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