GAINSCO Auto Insurance is a Texas-based company founded in 1978. It specializes in minimum-limits personal auto insurance endeavors to provide customizable auto insurance policies that come at competitive prices. Furthermore, should you get into a vehicular accident and thus need help with how to proceed next, GAINSCO’s customer service is equipped to provide guidance.

The company sells reliable coverage that can help consumers qualify for auto loans as well as protect them against financial liability for the loss of motor vehicles or damages resulting from vehicular collisions.

Buying GAINSCO Auto Insurance

In an effort to build trust with consumers, GAINSCO sells auto insurance through independent agents. These agents are local to their clients and are trustworthy experts that live in the same community for easy access. They can provide as much information and assistance as you need to make the right choices for you and your family.

GAINSCO’s network of agents can be found in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida.


Deciding on How Much Auto Insurance Coverage to Buy

GAINSCO agents can help consumers figure out how much coverage they need to fully protect themselves against liability. There are different factors that go into determining the amount of auto insurance coverage:

These are considerations that a GAINSCO agent is more than qualified to give advice on.

Things That Affect Your Premium

GAINSCO offers deals and competitive pricing. As a rule of thumb, the more comprehensive your coverage, the higher your premiums. For auto insurance in particular, your driving record in the past three to five years will also affect your premium. GAINSCO, as well as other auto insurance providers, will base premiums on driving records provided by the DMV in the state you currently reside in. Your driving records in other states in which you are licensed to drive will also be considered. However, your GAINSCO agent will work with you to get the best deal possible.

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