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Last updated: February 16, 2023

GEICO vs. Progressive Auto Insurance

Compare auto insurance plans from the GEICO and Progressive car insurance companies

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Whether you’re in the market for new car insurance or you’ve heard their catchy jingles during commercials, you’ve probably heard of GEICO and Progressive. But how much do you know about these companies and their services?

Both GEICO and Progressive are major auto insurance providers that offer plenty of insurance products, coverages and discounts. We’ve collected essential information on each company’s pricing, customer satisfaction and services to help you determine how you can access the best savings and plan for you.

Comparison At a Glance

Many factors contribute to the average cost of auto insurance, such as your financial history, vehicle age and accident history. Overall, GEICO’s average prices are cheaper than Progressive’s, with starting rates as low as $667 per year.

Both GEICO and Progressive have strong third-party ratings in customer service and financial strength, although GEICO beats Progressive with slightly higher ratings except for its National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index score.

Comparison GEICO Progressive
Average annual cost $1,194 $1,508
Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating A+ A+
AM Best rating A++ A+
NAIC Complaint Index Score 1.7 .06

Which Is Better?

GEICO Is Better For:

  • Federal employees

  • Current and former military members, especially those preparing for emergency deployment

  • Safe drivers

Progressive Is Better For:

  • Those who need leased vehicle coverage

  • Those in need of gap coverage

  • Drivers with histories of accidents

  • People who drive electric vehicles and value extra roadside assistance perks, such as on-scene labor and battery charging


Both GEICO and Progressive are widely accessible and available in all 50 states. GEICO has more than 300 agent locations, with an average of six locations in every state. Florida and Texas have the highest number of locations at 36 and 37, respectively. Progressive has over 35,000 independent agents and insurance brokers across the country, which means you’ll be able to find a representative in your area to navigate the policy search and buying process.


As two of the largest providers in the industry, both GEICO and Progressive offer full coverage auto insurance policies. Even if your state doesn’t require many coverages, it’s still a good idea to invest in coverages beyond your state’s minimum coverage requirements. Therefore, we appreciate the wide range of optional yet protective policies that both companies offer.

Coverages GEICO Progressive
Bodily injury liability and property damage liability Yes Yes
Medical payments/personal injury protection Yes Yes
Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist Yes Yes
Collision Yes Yes
Comprehensive Yes Yes
Roadside assistance Yes Yes
Towing/labor Yes No
Gap No Yes, for those who also have comprehensive and collision coverage on their policy
Glass Yes Yes, included under comprehensive coverage
Rental reimbursement Yes Yes
Personal umbrella Yes No
Mechanical breakdown Yes, for new or leased cars less than 15 months old with under 15,000 miles Yes
Classic/antique car Yes Yes
Mexico coverage Yes Yes
Ridesharing coverage Yes Yes


You’ll notice from the chart that GEICO does not offer guaranteed asset protection, or gap insurance, which means if you finance or lease your car, you may want to go with Progressive.

Roadside Assistance

GEICO’s roadside assistance is somewhat cheaper than Progressive’s, although it lacks a few benefits that Progressive offers, like on-scene labor and battery charging for electric vehicles. Take a look at how the plans from each company compare.

Roadside assistance GEICO Progressive
Average annual cost $14 $16
Vehicle towing Yes, to a qualified repair facility within 20 miles of your breakdown location Yes, to a qualified repair shop within 15 miles of your breakdown location
Winching service Yes, if your vehicle is stuck on or near a public road Yes, if your vehicle is stuck within 100 feet of a public road or highway
Battery jump-start Yes Yes
Fuel delivery Yes Yes
Battery charge (electric cars) No Yes
Locksmith services Yes, up to $100 Yes
Flat tire change Yes, when you have a functioning spare Yes
On-scene labor No Yes, one free hour of labor provided

Car Insurance Rates: Which Is Cheaper?

Both Progressive and GEICO’s average annual costs are slightly higher than the average auto insurance cost of $1,070. GEICO offers cheaper rates overall, however, with an average price of $1,194, which breaks down to about $99 a month. In comparison, a plan with Progressive will cost you about $1,508 a year, or $125 monthly. However, both companies provide generous discounts that cater to many different situations.


GEICO is known for its discount opportunities for military members and federal employees while Progressive does not offer savings for these groups. However, both companies offer a wide variety of discounts that may apply to you.

Discounts GEICO Progressive
Multipolicy Yes Yes, average savings of 5%
Multicar Yes, about 25% off Yes, average savings of 4%
Continuous insurance No Yes
Safe driver Yes, about 22% off Yes, about $146 off
Seat belt use Yes No
Teen driver No Yes
Good student Yes, about 15% off Yes, about 10% off
Driver’s education/defensive driving course Yes No
Distant student No Yes
Homeowner No Yes, about 10% off
Online quote No Yes, about 7% off
Online document signing No Yes, about 9% off
Paperless documents No Yes
Automatic payment No Yes
New vehicle Yes, 15% off No
Daytime running lights Yes No
Antitheft system Yes, about 23% off No
Antilock brakes Yes, 5% off No
Airbag Yes, about 23% off No
Emergency deployment Yes, 25% off No
Federal employee Yes, about 12% off No
Membership and employee Yes No
Military Yes, 15% off No

Mobile Apps and Online Tools

GEICO and Progressive both have mobile apps that allow customers to access policy information, digital ID cards, claim filing and roadside assistance on the go. Here’s a breakdown of each app:

Features GEICO Mobile Progressive App
Free download from the Apple Store and Google Play Yes Yes
iOS rating (out of 5 stars) 4.8 4.8
Android rating (out of 5 stars) 4.6 4.6
View policy information Yes Yes
View ID card Yes Yes
Request roadside assistance Yes Yes
File a claim Yes Yes
Bill payment Yes, accepts debit or credit cards for autopay and electronic funds transfer through a bank account Yes, accepts debit cards, credit cards (such as Mastercard, Visa and Discover), checking accounts, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal
Live virtual support Yes, 24/7 virtual assistant No


DriveEasy is a telematics-based program that you can access through GEICO’s mobile app. It uses your phone’s GPS location to track your driving data and calculate your “driving score” based on your safe habits behind the wheel. The higher your score, the more money you’ll save on your car insurance. Your driving score is based on safe driving behaviors like how you accelerate and brake and on distracted driving behaviors, including handheld phone calls and phone use while driving over six miles per hour.1

Progressive also offers a telematics-based driving program, Snapshot. Unlike another usage-based insurance program that measures mileage only, Snapshot allows customers to save on their insurance by driving safer. With Snapshot, you can use either the Snapshot mobile app or a plug-in device that tracks your mileage and certain driving behaviors. Such behaviors include:

Behaviors tracked GEICO DriveEasy Progressive Snapshot
Discount at signup Not listed Average: $47
Maximum discount overall Not listed Average: $156 annually (excludes New York, Alaska and Hawaii)
Cornering habits Yes Yes
Hard braking Yes Yes
Fast accelerating Yes Yes
Time of day Yes Yes
Distance driven Yes Yes
Risky weather conditions during driving hours Yes No
Type of roads driven on Yes No
Mobile phone use Yes Yes, in most states for customers who opt for Snapshot’s mobile app. Refer to Progressive’s state details page to see participating states.2


All customers (except those in New York or Hawaii) receive a discount just by signing up for Progressive’s program, Snapshot.

The good news is that this program has nothing to do with your driving record. Rather, good drivers will see lower average rates for their coverage options. These programs may make insurance cheaper for drivers with poor credit who have trouble finding affordable car insurance.


Since GEICO and Progressive offer other types of insurance in addition to auto, you can bundle different policies to earn extra savings. Explore the available insurance services that each company offers below to see if adding any other policies would help you save in the long run.

Additional insurance types offered GEICO Progressive
Homeowners Yes Yes
Condo Yes Yes
Renters Yes Yes
Business Yes Yes
Boat Yes Yes
Dental No Yes
Health No Yes
Identity Yes Yes
Life Yes Yes
Motorcycle Yes Yes
Motorhome Yes Yes
Pet Yes Yes
Phone protection No Yes
Travel Yes, overseas coverage Yes
Umbrella Yes Yes
Vision No Yes
Jewelry Yes No
Landlord Yes No

Third-Party Ratings

We refer to various trusted third-party organizations to compare GEICO and Progressive. Specifically, the BBB and JD Power provide ratings on customer service and satisfaction, whereas AM Best, Standards & Poor’s (S&P) and the NAIC are financial strength organizations.

Third Parties GEICO Progressive
BBB customer rating (out of 5) 1.14 1.08
AM Best A++ A+
NAIC Complaint Index Score 1.7 0.06
JD Power (out of 1,000) 828 819 (California)

GEICO and Progressive each have very low BBB customer ratings, which is unfortunately typical for most insurance companies and indicates a high number of unresolved complaints. However, both providers have a 100 percent response rate to complaints.

GEICO rates slightly higher than Progressive in both customer satisfaction and financial strength as a company. However, GEICO’s NAIC Complaint Index score of 1.7 is higher than both the average of 1 and Progressive’s score of .06. This means that GEICO receives a higher number of complaints than other companies in the industry.


We aim to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about insurance providers to help you choose the company and policy that’s right for you. We do this by examining three main areas:

  • Proprietary data: For over 20 years, we have collected extensive data on insurance providers and which customers they want to cover. We find the companies that work the best with certain groups, like military veterans or college students.
  • Company information: We conduct research about each auto insurance provider and its products and services. This includes details surrounding what insurance plans and coverages each provider offers, along with average pricing information and available discounts. We also refer to trusted third-party ratings like AM Best, the BBB and J.D. Power to determine the financial strength and customer satisfaction of each company.
  • Institutional knowledge: Our experience covering the auto insurance industry has provided us with abundant information about the strengths and weaknesses of each company. We use our knowledge, along with the knowledge of experts in the industry like our parent company’s president of insurance, Paul Ford, to match customers with the best policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Progressive have better rates than GEICO?

Generally, Progressive does not offer better rates than GEICO. Auto insurance policies with GEICO cost an average of $1,194 per year, which breaks down to about $99 monthly. In comparison, a plan with Progressive will cost you $1,508, which comes to a monthly average of about $125.

Why is GEICO’s auto insurance so much cheaper than Progressive's?

GEICO’s average annual cost of $1,194 is cheaper than Progressive’s, likely due to the wider availability of discounts compared to Progressive. GEICO also offers extensive savings for the safest drivers, such as its discount for customers who complete driver’s education and defensive driving courses, which is not a discount available with Progressive. However, many factors can impact your auto insurance rate, including your age, state of residence, credit history and driving patterns.

How do I cancel my auto insurance policy with Progressive?

You can cancel your auto insurance policy with Progressive anytime by calling a customer service agent at (866) 416-2003.

Who underwrites GEICO’s auto insurance policies?

GEICO underwrites its own auto insurance policies except for its overseas auto insurance, which is underwritten by GEICO’s subsidiary, International Insurance Underwriters.


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