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Finding Car Insurance on a Budget

Get affordable car insurance — without sacrificing coverage.

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When it comes to car insurance, you want coverage that’s reliable, customer service that’s helpful, and prices that are affordable. The truth is, to find the cheapest car insurance from an auto insurance company, you have to shop the entire market and compare vendors’ car insurance rates directly.

Insurance options look different for different driver profiles, such as a good driver versus a young driver or someone with an at-fault accident. As a result, the cheapest insurer for you may not be the cheapest provider for someone else. Call our Perfect Policy Connectors below to find the right policy for you, and learn more from our articles and guides.

How to Get the Lowest Rates

The Most Affordable Insurance by State


Florida is only one of a handful of states that doesn’t require bodily injury liability coverage, along with New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Virginia.3 However, we recommend getting bodily injury, which is part of full-coverage car insurance.


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