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Last updated: March 24, 2024

AARP (The Hartford) Car Insurance Pricing

Everything you need to know about car insurance from AARP.

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AARP, short for the American Association of Retired Persons, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan interest group in the U.S. that caters to the needs of people age 50 and older. The organization services its members in a variety of ways, including offering partnerships and discounts with other companies.

One of AARP’s partnerships is with The Hartford, one of the oldest insurance companies in the country. Through this partnership, AARP and The Hartford offer auto insurance policies designed specifically with seniors in mind that are available to AARP members exclusively.

Car Insurance Rates for AARP

When you buy AARP car insurance through The Hartford, you’ll enjoy premiums that are below the national average. The average annual rate for car insurance from The Hartford is $1,520, compared to a national average car insurance rate of $2,071.

As we’ll discuss, age is a major factor that affects your insurance rates, and up to a certain point, those rates tend to decline as you get older. As a result, drivers between the ages of 50 and 70 pay average premiums that are well below the average for all drivers. For example, the average driver of age 55 pays just $1,276 annually for car insurance.

However, once you reach your 70s, your rates tend to increase again. Drivers aged 85 and older pay rates that are higher than the national average, with an average premium of $2,416.

Factors besides your car insurance provider will impact your rates as well. Here are some additional factors that could cause your rates to be different from The Hartford’s average:

  • Credit score: Insurers use credit scores as a way to measure a customer’s risk. Generally speaking, the better your credit score, the lower the risk you pose to your insurer. As a result, customers with good credit tend to enjoy better car insurance rates, while borrowers with poor credit could end up paying more.
  • Driving record: If you have violations on your driving record, you could end up paying higher insurance rates. Common violations that might increase your premiums include speeding, driving under the influence, or causing an accident.
  • Location: Your location can play a role in your insurance premiums. Drivers in some states may be considered higher risk due to a higher rate of accidents, uninsured drivers, car theft, or inclement weather.
  • Age: Your age is another factor that affects your car insurance rates. Your premiums tend to decrease as you get older. However, once you reach a certain age, your insurance rates may creep up again.
  • Gender: Women tend to pay less for car insurance. This is because studies have shown men are more expensive to insure and cause more accidents.1
  • Coverage: The type and amount of coverage you have will be one of the most important factors that impact your insurance rates. Minimum coverage, meaning the liability coverage your state requires, will be the cheapest. If you buy full coverage insurance that includes collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist, and medical payments coverage in addition to liability insurance, your rates will be higher.

Saving Money With Discounts on AARP Insurance

Like other car insurance companies, AARP’s policy through The Hartford provides plenty of auto insurance discounts to help you save. According to The Hartford’s website, customers who switch are able to save more than $500 on average. Below you’ll find a list of discounts for AARP policyholders and how to qualify for them.

Discount type Qualifications
Bundle insurance savings Bundle your home and auto coverage with AARP’s auto and home insurance program
Paid-in-full discount Pay your bill in full instead of making monthly payments
Online quote discount Get a discount when you get your auto insurance quote online, in most states
Drive safe and save Join The Hartford’s TrueLane Program and save — first just for joining the program, then for your driving habits
Safety features discount You’ll receive a discount for having safety features such as multiple airbags or anti-lock brakes
Vehicle fuel type discount Get a discount for having a hybrid or electric vehicle
Safe driver training discount Drivers 21 and under (or 25 and under in Georgia) can save for taking an approved safe driver training course
Defensive driver course discount Get a discount for the next three years when you complete an approved defensive driving course and send AARP your certificate

Favorite Features

AARP’s car insurance policy has several key features to help it stand out among other auto insurance companies, especially for seniors.

Top-Rated Customer Satisfaction

The Hartford stands out because it has one of the best ratings for customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study.2 The company has a ranking of 905 out of 1,000, making it the second-highest rated company in the industry behind USAA.

Specialty Coverage Options

AARP car insurance policies offer all of the standard auto insurance coverage options you would expect from any insurance company. Additionally, it has a number of specialty coverages that not all companies offer, including the following.

  • Accident forgiveness: Your rates won’t go up after your first accident and won’t count against you if all the drivers on your policy maintain clean driving records for five consecutive years.
  • Disappearing deductible: As long as you maintain a clean driving record, your collision deductible will decrease over time. Depending on your state, your deductible may go all the way down to $0.
  • Labor and towing insurance: This coverage helps pay for emergency roadside assistance and arrange for towing to get your car into the shop.
  • Accident rental car reimbursement: If you’re in an accident, The Hartford will reimburse you for your rental car while yours is in the shop.

Special AARP Benefits

As we’ve mentioned, while The Hartford offers insurance policies outside of those available to AARP members, it provides special perks just for AARP members. In addition to special discounts and rates, these benefits include the following:

  • Lifetime car repair assurance: After a covered claim, The Hartford will help you find a trusted repair service from more than 1,600 authorized repair shops.
  • New car replacement: If you total your new car, your policy will replace it with a new car of the same make, model, and equipment, with no deduction for depreciation.
  • RecoverCare: You can receive up to $2,500 to pay for transportation, cooking, cleaning, and other help if you’re injured in an accident.

Where Is AARP Car Insurance Available?

AARP auto insurance is currently available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Keep in mind that while coverage may be available nationwide, the specifics depend on where you live. According to the AARP website, the availability of discounts varies by state. AARP car insurance isn’t available in Canada or any U.S. territories.

AARP Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

If you have AARP car insurance through The Hartford, you can cancel your car insurance policy at any time. The first way you can cancel your policy is over the phone by calling 800-423-6789.

The second way you can cancel your car insurance policy is via mail. Send a letter that includes your name and policy number, as well as the date you want your coverage to end. Send that letter to the following address:

  • AARP Insurance Program
  • The Hartford
  • P.O. Box 14219
  • Lexington, KY 40512

Finally, if you have a local insurance agent, you can cancel by contacting them directly.

If you paid for your entire policy premium upfront, you’ll receive a refund of a prorated amount for the remainder of your policy period. However, you may be subject to a cancellation fee. Depending on where you live and the time left on your policy, you could be subject to an early termination fee of 10 percent of your remaining policy premium.

Company Background

Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired high school principal, created AARP in 1958. The organization was the second iteration of one Andrus founded in 1947 called the National Retired Teachers Association.

One of the primary reasons Andrus created AARP was to guarantee healthcare benefits for older Americans. At the time, the federal government hadn’t yet created Medicare, meaning many seniors didn’t have coverage during retirement. Andrus worked with insurance companies directly to create policies for uninsured seniors, specifically.

AARP has changed dramatically over the years. Today, the organization is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its members as they age through advocacy, service, education, and more. Additionally, AARP seeks to help seniors financially by partnering with other companies and organizations to provide special products, services, and discounts.

AARP’s partnership with The Hartford dates back to 1984, when the two joined forces to become the exclusive provider of insurance policies for AARP members.

AARP Car Insurance Contact Information

Car insurance subject Contact information for AARP members
Auto quotes 888-546-9099

M-F: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET

Sat-Sun: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

ATV, golf cart, and snowmobile insurance quotes 888-546-9099

For quotes:

M-F: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET

Sat-Sun: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

For customer service:

M-F: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET

Sat: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET

Boat insurance quotes and customer service 800-555-2510

M-F: 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET

Auto insurance applications AARP Auto Insurance Program

The Hartford

P.O. Box 14215

Lexington, KY 40512

Fax: 877-293-2072

AARP auto claims 877-805-9918
AARP glass claims 800-892-8484
AARP auto customer service 800-432-6789

M-F: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET

Sat: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

Roadside assistance 800-322-7789
General correspondence AARP Insurance Program

The Hartford

P.O. Box 14219

Lexington, KY 40512

Fax: 877-293-2072

Spanish 877-621-4981
Hearing impaired services 800-877-8973

M-F: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET


Through its partnership with The Hartford, AARP has made a name for itself as the best car insurance company for seniors. Policyholders can access special perks and savings if they are AARP members. If you still have questions about auto insurance through AARP, read the answers to some of our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Hartford insurance only for seniors?

Customers don’t have to be seniors to buy car insurance through The Hartford. However, the policies discussed in this article are designed for AARP members exclusively.

Are AARP and The Hartford the same thing?

AARP and The Hartford are not the same. Rather, AARP is an interest group that represents seniors in the U.S., while The Hartford is an insurance company. The two are separate entities but have a partnership through which The Hartford offers a car insurance policy specifically for AARP members.

Is car insurance cheaper through AARP?

Car insurance rates depend on many factors, including your driving history, location, vehicle, age, and more. While certain factors could lead your premiums to be more expensive, if you’re an AARP member, you may be able to get cheaper car insurance through the organization’s partnership with The Hartford than you otherwise would.

Do AARP members get discounts on car insurance?

If you’re an AARP member and purchase car insurance through The Hartford, you’ll be eligible for special discounts, as well as coverage options only available to AARP members.


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