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Last updated: May 29, 2024

Kemper Auto Insurance Review 2024

Kemper offers high risk insurance to those willing to venture outside the orbit of America’s largest insurance companies.

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Kemper Auto believes that “everyone deserves auto insurance they can count on”—and that includes high-risk drivers. Headquartered in Chicago for over 30 years, Kemper has slowly risen the ranks as a quiet challenger to the major and most popular American car insurance brands. For high risk drivers, Kemper may be a good choice. Its services come at a slightly higher average price, but personalized state and discount options may be available for those who qualify.

I’m a writer and analyst for, and based on the research conducted by our team, I’ll walk you through whether Kemper Auto is the right insurance for you. We use industry research, third-party data, and real-life customer experience to evaluate providers on cost, discounts, coverage option, quote process, customer satisfaction, and more.

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Quick Look: Kemper Pros and Cons


  • Affordable rates for high risk drivers

  • Offers SR-22s even with a revoked, suspended, or canceled license

  • Offers 12 month policies

  • Bilingual agents


  • Poor mobile app ratings

  • High rates for customers with clean records

Who is Kemper Best For?

Overall, Kemper is best for drivers who, for one reason or the other, have a checkered or unsafe driver history.

Kemper is Best for Those Who:

  • Have been in an at-fault accident in the past, have a speeding ticket on your record, or have been convicted of a DUI
  • Need SR-22s
  • Have a reconditioned vehicle
  • Speak Spanish, as Kemper’s agents are bilingual

Kemper is Not Best for Those Who:

  • Have a clean driving record and are looking for the cheapest auto insurance rates
  • Rely heavily on mobile insurance apps for questions and customer service
  • Are considering pay-per-mile insurance


As of August 2023, Kemper Personal Insurance—which sold auto and home policies to standard and preferred customers (i.e., customers with clean driving and claims histories)—is no longer available.1

Kemper sells insurance to high-risk individuals who might have trouble getting affordable insurance elsewhere. You can get a quote through its website, app, or by phone. Kemper currently ranks as the 12th biggest insurer in the country and is among the top when it comes to individuals with checkered driving records. While this means it is a good option for those individuals, Kemper also receives a high number of complaints relative to its size.2

How Much Does Kemper Car Insurance Cost?

For full coverage, Kemper’s auto insurance premiums come in around $2,258 annually, or 15 percent, more than the national average. For minimum coverage, Kemper’s $963 annual average is over $400 more than the national average. Kemper is on the pricier side, though this is typical for companies that insure high-risk drivers.

Below is a breakdown of Kemper’s prices compared to other major car insurance companies.

Company Average annual premium for full coverage Average annual premium for minimum
Kemper $2,258 $963
Allstate $2,639 $597
American Family $1,785 $713
Farmers $2,320 $634
The General $3,069 $1,606
GEICO $1,572 $413
Liberty Mutual $1,987 $719
Nationwide $1,805 $613
Progressive $1,891 $481
State Farm $1,697 $482
Travelers $1,630 $530
USAA $1,322 $356
National Average $1,924 $547

Something worth noting is that while most auto insurance companies offer six-month policies—meaning they can raise your rates after just six months—Kemper offers annual policies, which lock your auto insurance rate for the year. As the cost of auto insurance rises, annual policies are becoming less common.

Kemper Rates by Driver Profile

As I mentioned above, Kemper now only offers nonstandard insurance, which is coverage for high-risk drivers. Here is a breakdown of rates for drivers with an at-fault accident or DUI.

Driver profile Kemper average annual rate for full coverage National average annual rate for full coverage
Good driver with good credit $2,258 $1,924
Driver with a DUI $4,267 $3,328
Driver with an at-fault accident $4,064 $2,809

Although the average for a full coverage policy for drivers with a DUI is higher than the national average, keep in mind that Kemper’s approval rate of DUI policies is also above the national average. This means that a driver with a DUI is more likely to be accepted by Kemper than its competitors, which might make the increased price worth it.


What’s the difference between a DUI and a DWI? Typically, DWIs indicate a driver is more impaired, though some states don’t differentiate between the two.

How You Can Save On Your Policy with Kemper

Kemper offers a range of case-specific discounts that you might want to consider when applying:

  • Advance Quote Discount: If you receive a quote and choose to accept it before the effective date of the policy, you might be eligible for this discount.
  • Proof of Prior Insurance: If you present proof of previously having auto insurance, Kemper offers a discount on your new policy with them.
  • Paid-in-Full Discount: When you pay for the full premium up front, rather than making monthly payments, Kemper offers a discounted rate.
  • Multi-Car Discount: Insuring more than one car on a policy qualifies you for a discount.

Kemper also offers discounts to individuals who have a defensive driver qualification, good students, military members, and homeowners.

In March 2024, Kemper also introduced a telematics discount for tracking your driving habits, called Kemper Co-Pilot. The discount is available in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and Texas, with Kemper promising more states coming soon. The program rewards customers for sharing how they drive via the Kemper Co-Pilot mobile app, and those enrolled receive a 10 percent premium discount for participating in this program.

Getting a Quote From Kemper

My experience getting a quote from Kemper Auto was a little more time-consuming than the other major brands. Although the website has an option for an online quote, after I entered my zip code I was prompted to call an agent. In J.D. Power’s 2023 Digital Experience Study, Kemper received a score that was right around the average. This study measures customer satisfaction with the online performance of industry-leading insurance brands. While I cannot speak to this entirely, my experience with getting a quote from Kemper was less than ideal compared to past instances with other companies.

Kemper Get a Quote

Kemper Choose the Right Solution

What Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Does Kemper Offer?

Kemper offers the standard coverages like comprehensive, collision, liability, medical payments and uninsured/underinsured motorist. It also offers roadside assistance, which includes 24/7 towing, jump starts, fuel delivery, lockout services, and tire change assistance in the event of a breakdown. For additional coverages, like GAP insurance, accident forgiveness, trip interruption, and more, you’ll need to speak with an agent.

In addition to auto insurance, Kemper also sells motorcycle insurance, business insurance, life insurance, and other products. Since Kemper exited the “preferred” auto and home market in 2023, it’s unclear whether it continues to offer home insurance. Customers looking to bundle home and auto may have better luck elsewhere.

Kemper: Customer Satisfaction Data

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Kemper’s ratings are mixed to low. It received a ranking of 72 out of 88 in the CRASH Network 2024 Insurer Report Card, a survey of body shops asking how well auto insurance companies respond to claims.

Kemper also received a below-average rating in the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey in California, and a higher number of complaints on the NAIC index, indicating Kemper customers are less satisfied with their insurance than customers of other insurance brands.

That said, to end on a high note, A.M. Best has given Kemper an excellent financial strength rating, indicating an ability to meet payout demands due to a strong balance sheet, good credit ratings, and appropriate enterprise risk management (ERM).

Category Kemper Rating
CRASH Network 2024 Insurer Report Card C- (down from a rating of C in 2023)
J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction3 736 out of 1,000 in California region, compared to the industry average of 873 out of 1,000
NAIC Complaint Index Above average number of complaints
A.M. Financial Strength4 A-, Excellent

Kemper Website and Mobile App

I was able to access both Kemper’s website and mobile app. For the most part, the website is easy to navigate and has mostly clear instructions for browsing different pages. Unlike my attempts to get an online quote, I was able to explore the process of filing a claim pretty seamlessly on the mobile site. There are “quick links” for things like making claims, payments, and finding a repair shop, as well as help and support links that put you in touch with an agent.

Kemper Claim Form

Some companies have popularized the online chatbot, but I did not see this as an option on Kemper’s website. If you’re like me, you may actually prefer this, because it is a bit more personal and forces you to interact with a human. Most of the time, in my experience, those online chatbots are not much help anyway. Overall, I found no faults with Kemper’s website.

The mobile app, however, is a different story. On the iPhone app store, it had a 1.4 rating out of 5 stars across 270 total reviews. General complaints from customers ranged from small bugs and crashes while filling out a claim, to the app not opening at all and causing them to be late for their monthly payments. One user even noted “I have yet to access my policy for 8 months.” So, if I were you, I would stick closer to the website and the phone service.

Operating System Kemper App Rating (out of 5) Number of reviews
iPhone 1.4 stars 271
Android 2.2 stars 334

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kemper the same as Infinity insurance?

No, Kemper is not the same as Infinity. Kemper bought Infinity in 2018, but Infinity operates as a separate brand from Kemper.

Does Kemper have accident forgiveness?

Yes, Kemper’s enhanced auto insurance coverage includes accident forgiveness for your first accident or minor violation.

Do I need a license to be insured by Kemper?

No, you don’t necessarily need a license to be insured by Kemper. You can get a policy even if you only have aState ID, Matricula Consular, or International License. Kemper Auto also offers SR-22 coverage for drivers with suspended, revoked, or canceled licenses.

Methodology – How We Review Insurance Companies

We assess companies on the following:

  • Pricing and coverage: We delve into the competitiveness of prices, available discounts, and affordability in relation to the coverage provided.
  • Customer experience: We go through the customer experience firsthand so you don’t have to. Our writing and knowledge is based on firsthand customer insight.
  • Claims handling: At the heart of an insurance company’s service lies claim fulfillment. Our evaluation involves scrutinizing claims processes using third-party data, customer feedback, and our own experiences.
  • Industry ratings and reviews: We gather data from independent agencies to assess aspects like financial stability, complaint records, and customer satisfaction.
  • Digital tools and technology: We evaluate the user-friendliness of websites, mobile apps, and online account management features.


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