Insurance agents work for insurance companies. The role of the agent is to sell auto, health, property, or life insurance policies. They offer all the products that the company they work for sells to individuals, commercial businesses, companies, or other organizations that need insurance coverage.

Put simply, insurance agents are salespeople. They have the knowledge of the policies and products available and are typically the direct liaison between the insurance company and customers.

The insurance agent evaluates clients' and customers' needs to help them find the right insurance product for their particular situation.

Insurance Agents vs. Brokers

There is some confusion regarding the difference of insurance agents versus insurance brokers. Even though the two work by selling various types of insurance policies to clients, an insurance agent works for a single insurance company. This means the agent only promotes and sells that company's products.

A broker, on the other hand, can sell and promote products from any insurance company. While this is true, there are many cases where insurance agents and insurance brokers work closely together. For example, an insurance agent promotes the company's products to the brokers. The brokers then sell these products to their clients.

Benefits of Agents and

There are several benefits offered by using the services of insurance agents, along with comparison shopping through Some of the specific benefits include:

Save Money

When choosing an insurance agent, you have a real chance to save more money than if you were to choose a different service provider. After all, the agent knows their company and the policies available, and can help ensure the best price is acquired for each client.

Save Time

Agents can also help you find all the proper policies for your needs, which means you can avoid having to speak with multiple people about the coverage you are looking for. Insurance agents help you find all types of policies, including life, auto, homeowners, commercial, and more.

Superior Customer Service

With an insurance agent, you can feel confident the personal information you divulge to them remains protected. Over time, you also have the opportunity to build a repertoire with them, which means you will feel like you are speaking with someone familiar and trustworthy.

Insurance Made Simple

There's no need to make insurance more complicated than it already is. If you want to be sure you are getting the right policy, you need help. An insurance agent knows the terms related to all types of policies and can handle the more complex issues that go along with getting insurance coverage.

How Can Insurance Agents Help You?

When you use the services of an insurance agent, they will help you understand the buying process. In fact, one of the first things they'll do is explain the process to their clients/customers.

They will also check in with their clients each year to find out if there are any changes needed to their policies. While most agents will call at least once a year, a quality agent touches base with their clients several times a year to make sure all policies are current and provide proper coverage as your situation may have changed.

What Can and Can't Insurance Agents Do? \

A quality insurance agent can help you find a wide array of insurance products for affordable prices. They can explain the insurance process, how to get it, and the complicated insurance terms so you can understand them, too. While this is true, there are some things insurance agents can't do, as well. These include:

They Can't Read Minds

When you are meeting an insurance agent for the first time, they will ask several questions. It's important for individuals to be as honest as possible. These aren't nosy questions - they are important to help determine what your insurance needs are.

They Can't Adjust Policy Premiums

If your insurance policy assigns a surcharge or rating to a person's account, the insurance agent can explain what the charge is for, and they can even help their clients submit an appeal to the insurance agency or the government agency that applied the surcharge to begin with.

While this is true, insurance agents do not have the ability or authority to remove the rating or surcharge. This is a power that is determined by the agency or company who assigned the surcharge of the rating to begin with.

They Can't Provide Exceptions

Different insurance products work in many different ways. While there is no one policy that covers a single risk, there's no guarantee the new policy will work the same way as the old one did.

Working with an Insurance Agent: Is it Right for You?

Each person, company, organization, or commercial business has to determine if working with an insurance agent is the right option. With the information here, you should be well informed and able to determine whether or not an insurance agent is the best option for you, your family, or your business situation.

In most cases, working with an insurance agent will make getting the right coverage for an affordable price that much easier.