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The Best Auto Insurance in Aurora, Illinois

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Best Auto Insurance for Teens in Aurora, Illinois
Best Auto Insurance Broker in Aurora, Illinois
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After its neighbor Chicago, Aurora is the most populous city in Illinois. If you live there, you know you’re in for high temperatures in the summer and the potential for a lot of snow in the winter. In addition to weather considerations, drivers in Aurora should also consider the state’s insurance requirements and their circumstances; for example, if you have a teen driver in your household. Dive into our research and recommendations below.

Comparison of the Best Auto Insurance in Aurora, Illinois

Annual cost of full coverage auto insurance Annual cost for teen drivers Professional discount Roadside assistance Teen driver discounts
Allstate $1,523 $3,160 No Yes Yes
Guided Solutions Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable
1. Best Auto Insurance for Teens in Aurora, Illinois - Allstate

What We Like Most:

  • Three ways to earn a student discount
  • Pay-per-mile option for drivers with low mileage
  • No waiting period to purchase accident forgiveness

Allstate covers 16 million customers throughout the United States. Many people choose Allstate for its ability to connect protection between multiple auto policies, as well as home, business, motorcycle, travel, pet, and umbrella insurance. It’s also one of our preferred providers for teen drivers due to its affordability and wealth of discounts for young drivers and students. Check out our Allstate review for a closer look at the provider.

ProsWho It's Best For
  • pro
    Teen drivers and their parents
  • pro
    People who want to bundle home and auto insurance
  • pro
    New-car drivers
ConsWho It's Not Best For
  • con
    Armed services members and their families
  • con
    Hybrid or electric vehicle drivers

Getting Auto Insurance for Your Teen Driver

According to census data, almost 43 percent of households in Aurora have children under the age of 18 living with them. Since Illinois law requires every driver to have insurance, your teen driver must be insured. We usually recommend adding your teen to your policy because it’s more cost-effective than having them get an independent policy.1 You can add them to your vehicle, or if they have their own and your name is on the title, you can add their vehicle to your policy. In either instance, your insurance rate will increase.

Discounts for Teen Drivers

Auto insurance rates for teen drivers are higher than for other age groups due to their lack of driving experience. This inexperience can result in more dangerous distracted driving habits and increased incidents on the road.

Allstate has many discounts geared toward reducing the financial burden of adding a teen driver to your insurance policy. We like that the provider has three ways to earn a student discount. If your young driver is unmarried, a full-time student, and under 25 years old, they need to fulfill one of these requirements:

  • Hold a GPA of 2.7 or above (at least a B- average)
  • Complete the TeenSMART driver education program
  • Attend school at least 100 miles away from where the car is garaged (and are younger than 21)

You can also utilize Allstate’s Milewise pay-per-mile insurance option, as teen drivers tend to drive less than adult drivers in the U.S.2

Accident Forgiveness

Allstate’s accident forgiveness coverage add-on ensures premiums won’t increase even if your teen driver is at fault in an accident. Unlike other providers, Allstate does not require a waiting period to add accident forgiveness to your policy. Another benefit: For every six months without an accident, your teen driver will receive a safe driving bonus of up to 5 percent. Educate your teen on safe driving habits to keep them safe on the road and save you money on auto insurance.


In Illinois, teens are allowed to obtain a learner’s permit with parent/legal guardian consent when they turn 15. Once your teen completes a minimum of 50 hours of practice driving and a state-approved driver education course, you can accompany them to obtain a driver’s license.3

2. Best Auto Insurance Broker in Aurora, Illinois - Guided Solutions
Guided Solutions Logo

Guided Solutions is an insurance broker that offers auto insurance as well as home, life, Medicare, and business insurance. Its employees compare quotes from providers based on your profile and present you with the options. Brokers are not tied to any specific carrier, so you get the benefit of reviewing policy options from all of the agency’s partners. Learn more about Guided Solutions and the difference between agents and brokers below.

ProsWho It's Best For
  • pro
    People who want to work with a broker
  • pro
    Drivers who want to compare multiple quotes
ConsWho It's Not Best For
  • con
    People who want to transact directly with the insurance provider
  • con
    Drivers looking to be insured quickly
  • con
    People who don’t want to pay a broker’s fee

How to Use a Broker

A huge benefit of using a broker is that they work for you. Agents are acting on behalf of the company writing the policy; as such, the process is quicker, but it’s to their benefit for you to transact with their company. Brokers act as negotiators on behalf of the consumer; they present more policy options and then refer you to the carrier you choose to complete the transaction.4

Partner Agencies

Guided Solutions works with many well-known insurance companies. Its brokers can typically offer hard-to-negotiate deals and coverage options from these providers:

  • Travelers
  • American Integrity
  • Safeco
  • Progressive
  • Nationwide
  • Frontline Insurance
  • Stillwater Insurance Group
  • Tower Hill Speciality
  • Branch
  • Heritage Insurance
  • Openly


We chose the best auto insurance providers for drivers in Aurora, Illinois, using a three-pronged approach:

  • Company information: We periodically reach out to auto insurance companies in the region to request data about each provider and its coverage options. We ask about both coverage and available discounts. In addition, our research takes into account third-party customer satisfaction and financial strength ratings.
  • Proprietary data: We utilize 20 years of data points about auto insurance transactions (when someone signs up for a policy). Our data analysis examines which customers had the most success with which companies. We specify each company’s demographic to save you time and eliminate companies that won’t cover you for any reason.
  • Institutional knowledge: Our institutional knowledge is exemplified by Paul Ford, the president of insurance at Centerfield,’s parent company. Paul lends us extensive knowledge of car insurance from his three decades in the insurance industry — at Canadian Access, Inslogic, Capital One Insurance Services, NetQuote, Bankrate, and Datalot.

Aurora, Illinois, Auto Insurance FAQ

What is the average cost of car insurance per month in Illinois?

The average cost of car insurance in Illinois per month is $76, which equals $915 per year.

What are the two types of vehicle insurance required in Illinois?

Illinois requires liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

What is the minimum coverage in Illinois?

The minimum auto insurance coverage in Illinois includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The required coverage limits for bodily injury liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident and property damage liability of $20,000.

Is Illinois a no-fault state?

Illinois is an at-fault state, not a no-fault state.


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