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Last updated: August 29, 2023

The Cost of Mexican Car Insurance

What you can expect to pay for Mexican auto insurance based on your vehicle, length of stay, and more.

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Whether you’re on a business trip or family vacation, you need Mexican car insurance when driving south of the border. If you don’t already have this car coverage, you might be wondering how to add it to your plan and how much it will cost. That’s why we’re here. Below, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Mexican car insurance rates, policies, and requirements.

How Much Does Mexican Auto Insurance Cost?

Similar to car insurance policies in the U.S., Mexican car insurance costs will vary from provider to provider and from person to person. For most providers, rates can be anywhere between $1 to $70 per day depending on your length of stay and vehicle type; we’ll do a deep dive into both below.

Insurance Costs in the US vs. Mexico

After speaking with representatives from two of the largest Mexican insurance companies  — Mexpro (through Progressive) and International Insurance Group (through GEICO) — we got some insight into how insurers underwrite policies in the U.S. versus Mexico.

In Mexico, like in the U.S., insurance providers use factors like vehicle type, age, and region to determine your rates. However, most Mexican insurers do not leverage other determinants that U.S. providers use to generate rates (gender, marital status, credit score, etc.).


Some American insurance companies — like GEICO, AAA, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate — offer Mexican coverage through their partnerships with insurers in Mexico. If your insurance provider doesn’t offer this coverage, you should either speak to a provider that partners with a Mexican company or contact a Mexican provider directly.

Here’s a breakdown of all the factors insurers use to determine Mexican car insurance premiums.

By Car Insurance Coverages

As you might expect, the more coverage you add to your Mexican car insurance policy, the more expensive your policy will be. To drive legally in Mexico, you need at least third-party liability coverage (property damage and bodily injury liability) with the following limits:

  • $50,000 MXN pesos (about $3,000 USD) for property damage
  • $100,000 MXN pesos (about $6,000 USD) for bodily injuries1

The USD prices are based on a $17 MXN exchange rate. Because the exchange rate between pesos and dollars is always fluctuating, speak to your agent about the minimum liability amount for your time in Mexico.


If you’re driving without the minimum insurance requirements in Mexico and get into an accident, you could end up in jail. Even with insurance, authorities may detain you until they determine who was at fault in the accident. If you’re detained or jailed, you’d have to show a valid Mexican insurance policy to have the option to be released on bail.3

If you decide to get full coverage, which is about double the cost of liability for a two-week stay, you’ll get higher liability limits as well as some combination of the following additional coverage (depending on the provider and how much coverage you want):

  • Collision coverage
  • Physical damage coverage (the equivalent of comprehensive coverage)
  • Travel assistance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Theft coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Legal assistance
  • Gap insurance

By Provider

Like car insurance costs in the U.S., Mexican car insurance rates differ depending on your insurer. Most of the large providers advertise rates ranging from $1 to $70 per day.

The good news is that you aren’t beholden to any one provider, regardless of who insures your policy in the U.S. We recommend speaking to multiple companies to find the best rates and coverages for your needs.

By Vehicle Type

Vehicle type is one of the most important factors for Mexico car insurance rates. Here’s a detailed look at rates for low-cost and mid-priced vehicles.

Car type Cost of vehicle 3-day liability plan 2-week liability plan 3-day full coverage plan 2-week full coverage plan 6-month full coverage plan 1-year full coverage plan
2013 Honda Accord $16,000 $49.50 $126 $78 $238 $378 $455
it 2018 Jeep Wrangler 4WD $29,000 $49.50 $126 $99 $308 $488 $5843

Other than the cost of your vehicle, providers will also assess the risk of your vehicle. You can expect to pay more for your coverage if you’re driving a:

  • Sports car
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Luxury vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Car with expensive parts to repair/replace

By Region

Insurance providers will also consider where you are traveling to in the country in order to determine your premium. In Mexico, you pay settlements for injuries, damages, or fatal crashes in lump sums rather than on a per-person/per accident basis (U.S. model). Since each Mexican state has its own criminal and civil liability penalty amounts, your premium may be higher or lower depending on the penalties and risks associated with the specific region you’re traveling to.

For example, your plan might be anywhere from $5 to $10 more per week if you plan on driving in Baja as well as Northern Mexico (as opposed to just Baja).

By Age

In Mexico, drivers between 18 and 21 tend to pay more for car insurance than drivers over the age of 21. However, providers in Mexico do not use age to determine rates between adults over the age of 21. So, if you’re comparing rates for a 22-, 36-, 52-, and 75-year-old, age will not be a reason as to why their rates differ.

By Term of Stay

Term of stay is the last major factor car insurance companies in Mexico use to set your rates. The shorter your stay, the higher your per-day rate will be. You should prepare to pay anywhere from $10 to $70 per day for shorter stays (a few days to two weeks) and as little as $1 per day for long-term stays (several months to a year).


If you’re planning on driving in Mexico for any length of time, you will need a Mexican car insurance policy from a valid provider. Remember, you can always get Mexican car insurance from a different American or Mexican car insurance company than the one that insures you.

For the cheapest auto insurance rates, look to drive low-risk vehicles (inexpensive cars, cars with cheap parts to replace/repair, non-sports and -luxury vehicles, etc.). And, as always, shop around for the most affordable plans, and talk to agents about what you can do to save on your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does rental car insurance cost in Mexico?

Car insurance for a rental in Mexico will cost you anywhere from a few dollars to $50 or more per day. Similar to insuring your own vehicle in Mexico, your rental rates will largely depend on your rental vehicle type, length of travel, age, and region of travel.

Will my Mexican car insurance be more expensive if I have a DUI on my record?

No, your Mexican car insurance will not be more expensive if you have a DUI on your record. However, according to the Embassy of Mexico, border officials may prevent you from entering Mexico if you have a serious DUI charge (felony DUI, DUI manslaughter, etc.).

Do I need Mexican car insurance before I arrive in Mexico?

Yes. You need to have Mexican car insurance as soon as you cross the border. Because your U.S. insurance isn’t valid in Mexico, you’ll need to acquire insurance prior to your arrival.

How can I get a quote for Mexican car insurance?

Once you’ve found a provider that offers Mexican car insurance, you can get a quote by asking an agent or filling out a brief application on the company’s website.


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