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Last updated: July 26, 2023

How a Speeding Ticket Impacts Your Insurance in Louisiana

Your auto insurance rate could double after a speeding ticket.

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The speed limit is only a suggestion, right? Wrong. Not only is speeding dangerous, but it can also be costly — and not only in the form of a speeding ticket but also in the form of higher car insurance premiums. Having a speeding ticket on your record makes you a high-risk driver, meaning car insurance companies will charge you more in anticipation of future losses.

In the Bayou State, speeding tickets have a huge impact on car insurance, no matter if you’re cruising down Bourbon Street or checking out the French Creole townhouses of Natchitoches.

How a Speeding Ticket Affects Insurance

Speeding tickets raise rates for car insurance in Louisiana by 101 percent on average, so premiums more than double. However, the exact increase will vary based on a variety of factors, including your age, sex, insurance provider and the rest of your driving history.

By Age and Sex

Middle-aged drivers will see higher increases compared to teen drivers, who already pay exorbitant prices for car insurance due to their lack of driving experience. Comparing insurance rates by sex, men have higher rates in general, along with slightly higher increases following speeding tickets.

Average car insurance rates by age/sex Before speeding ticket After speeding ticket
18-year-old male $8,900 $10,289
18-year-old female $7,699 $8,924
40-year-old male $2,911 $3,512
40-year-old female $2,895 $3,488

By Company

In terms of insurance companies, we saw the lowest post-speeding ticket rate increase from the Louisiana Farm Bureau and the highest from AAA. But take these averages with a grain of salt, as they’re for the entire population of Louisiana.

Annual cost of car insurance by company Before speeding ticket After speeding ticket
AAA $2,025 $2,862
Allstate $2,162 $2,491
Auto-Owners $1,532 $2,024
Farmers $2,124 $2,743
Geico $1,302 $1,630
Erie $1,419 $1,600
Louisiana Farm Bureau $2,696 $2,697
Nationwide $1,540 $1,970
Progressive $1,719 $2,211
Safeway $2,444 $2,514
Southern Farm Bureau $1,563 $1,717
State Farm $1,428 $1,648
Travelers $1,435 $1,828
USAA $1,159 $1,396

How to Lower Premiums After a Speeding Ticket

Is it possible to get cheap car insurance in Louisiana after a speeding ticket? With a little time and effort, the answer is yes:

  1. Use telematics: Enrolling in a usage-based program, also known as telematics, can get you lower rates so long as you drive safely and with fewer miles.
  2. Raise your deductible: Increase the size of your deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage to see lower rates.
  3. Lower your limits: You can also lower your limits on any coverages but keep in mind that means less of a payout when you have a claim.
  4. Drop unnecessary coverages: Cut coverages you don’t need, such as rental car coverage or collision coverage on an older car.
  5. Get discounts: Ask your agents which discounts apply to you and your family. For example, if you have a college student with good grades on your insurance, you may be able to save on the costs.
  6. Buy minimum coverage: Minimum car insurance in Louisiana includes liability coverage only: $15,000 for bodily injury per person, $30,000 per accident and $25,000 for property damage coverage.1


In 2020, the last time the National Association of Insurance Commissioners released data, the average annual cost of liability coverage in Louisiana was $979, the highest in the nation.2 However, you can expect even higher rates if you have a speeding ticket on your record.

Cost of Speeding Tickets in Louisiana

The cost of speeding tickets in Louisiana varies by city. Below, we’ve gathered data from New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Natchitoches.34

Amount over speed limit in miles per hour (mph) Fine in New Orleans Fine in Baton Rouge Fine in Natchitoches (does not include civil filing fees and other costs)
1 $45 $144 $0
2 $45 $144 $0
3 $45 $144 $0
4 $45 $144 $0
5 $45 $144 $15.50
6 $45 $144 $15.50
7 $45 $144 $15.50
8 $45 $144 $15.50
9 $45 $144 $15.50
10 $150 $144 $20.50
11 $150 $144 $20.50
12 $150 $144 $20.50
13 $150 $144 $20.50
14 $150 $144 $20.50
15 $175 $144 $20.50
16 $175 $144 $30.50
17 $175 $144 $30.50
18 $175 $144 $30.50
19 $175 $144 $30.50
20 $175 $144 $30.50
21 $205 $144 $30.50
22 $205 $144 $30.50
23 $205 $144 $30.50
24 $205 $144 $30.50
25 $205 $144 $30.50
26 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
27 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
28 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
29 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
30 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
31 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
32 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
33 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
34 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum
35 $205 $144 Exact amount not listed but $300 maximum

What to Do If You Get a Speeding Ticket

While the exact process of what to do after a speeding ticket will vary by city, generally, you should follow one of these steps:

  1. Pay the ticket: Typically, you’ll have multiple options for paying your ticket, including online, by mail, phone or in person. The payment is due on the appearance date listed on the ticket. If you don’t pay by this date, you will face a license suspension, more court fees and penalties and even a warrant for your arrest.
  2. Contest the ticket: If you wish to plead not guilty, you can request a trial date on or before your appearance date.5 From there, you’ll have to appear in court to contest your ticket in person.

Other Traffic Violations That Affect Car Insurance

Speeding tickets aren’t the only type of traffic violation that will affect the cost of your car insurance. See below for more violations in Baton Rouge and throughout the state of Louisiana:

  • Careless driving
  • Disobeying a police officer
  • Expired driver’s license, inspection sticker, insurance or license plate
  • Failure to change the address on driver’s license, maintain control, signal or yield
  • Following emergency vehicles or following the car in front of you too closely
  • Headlights required/failure to dim
  • Improper backing, equipment, lane usage, passing on the right or left or turns
  • Motorcyclist and unsafe operation
  • No driver’s license on person, insurance or proof of insurance
  • Permitting an unlicensed person to drive
  • Registration violation
  • Unnecessary noise/loud music
  • Violating traffic signals or signals6


In Louisiana, you’ll need insurance to register your car, along with other documents like your driver’s license, bill of sale and odometer disclosure statement.


Speeding may not seem like a big deal, but in 2021, 27 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes in Louisiana involved speeding, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For drivers ages 15 to 20, that percentage was even higher, 38 percent, demonstrating that teen speeding is a prevalent problem in the state. When you’re driving, follow the speed limits, maintain distance between your car and the car in front of you and scan your surroundings constantly — all essential tenets of defensive driving.

Get an insurance quote from multiple companies after your moving violation to see how much coverage will cost following a speeding ticket. While a speeding ticket increases car insurance rates, a safe ZIP code may help keep your rates low. But whatever you do, don’t raise your car insurance rates even more by speeding again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep a speeding ticket off your insurance in Louisiana?

To keep a speeding ticket off your insurance in Louisiana, you’ll need to remove it from your driving record. Here’s how.

  1. Pay the fine and the driving school fee, if applicable.
  2. Sign a notarized affidavit saying you have complied with court conditions. You can get this from your city’s courthouse.
  3. Complete the defensive driving course.

Once you complete the court’s requirements, your insurance company cannot increase your rates or cancel your policy because of this offense, according to the Louisiana Laws Code of Criminal Procedure Article 892.1.

How long does a speeding ticket stay on your record for insurance in Louisiana?

A speeding ticket will stay on your record for insurance in Louisiana for three years, the same amount of time it will remain on your driving record. However, there are ways to get it dismissed from your record if it is a first offense.

Does Louisiana have a super speeder law?

Louisiana does not have a super speeder law, which stipulates more penalties for drivers speeding a certain number of miles per hour over the limit. Rather, all drivers in the state are prohibited from driving over 55 miles per hour on a highway, more than 70 miles per hour on an interstate or controlled-access highway or more than 65 miles per hour on a multilane divided highway, according to Louisiana Revised Statutes 32:61.

How many speeding tickets can you get in Louisiana?

You can get up to 10 or more speeding violations within three years to be considered a “habitual offender,” according to Louisiana Revised Statutes Section 32:1472. If you are a habitual offender, the state can revoke your driving privileges, making you surrender your license or permit, though you can get a restricted license for specific purposes like commuting to work. If you have any violation of this restriction or you commit another offense resulting in a conviction, you’ll forfeit your restricted license and face a three-year revocation.


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