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The Best Auto Insurance for Lexus

These five insurance companies have the best coverage options for your Lexus.

Best Overall
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State Farm combines outstanding coverage with excellent customer service and many customizable insurance discounts. These factors make it our overall best insurer for Lexus owners.

Best for Discounts
Allstate Logo 2023

Allstate offers 25 percent savings when you bundle your home and auto insurance, among other possible discounts.

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Lexus is one of the most popular luxury car brands in the world, and many people dream of owning one someday. But once you purchase your dream car, it’s important to make sure you have the right insurance coverage to protect it.

We’ve done the work for you in finding the best auto insurance companies for Lexus owners. These insurers offer excellent coverage and service at affordable prices.

The Best Auto Insurance for Lexus

  1. 1.

    Best Overall: State Farm

  2. 2.

    Best for Discounts: Allstate

  3. 3.

    Best for Military Families: USAA

  4. 4.

    Best for Coverage Options: Liberty Mutual

  5. 5.

    Best for High-Risk Drivers: Acceptance Insurance

Comparison of the Best Auto Insurance For Lexus

Provider Ranking Best category J.D. Power rating (out of 1,000)1 Discounts available Read review
State Farm 1st Overall 882 Safe driving, vehicle safety, multiple vehicles or policies State Farm review
Allstate 2nd Discounts 889 New car, smart student, certain payment options Allstate review
USAA 3rd Military families 890 Safe driving, deployment or storage on a military installation, customer loyalty USAA review
Liberty Mutual 4th Coverage options 870 Military member or veteran, claims-free, homeowner Liberty Mutual review
Acceptance 5th High-risk drivers N/A Safe driving, customer loyalty, certain payment options N/A

Detailed List of the Best Auto Insurance for Lexus

1. Best Overall - State Farm

What We Like Most:

  • Multiple discounts for safe driving, including one specifically for young drivers
  • Local agents
  • Discounts for multiple cars

State Farm has been providing coverage to drivers for more than a century. It’s no surprise that State Farm is our top choice for Lexus drivers.

The company is the top auto insurer in the country based on market share. It writes roughly 16 percent of annual premiums.2 It offers excellent coverage, top-notch customer service, and plenty of discounts.

ProsWho It's Best For
  • pro
    Existing State Farm customers who can bundle their policies
  • pro
    Drivers who want a discount for safe driving
  • pro
    Customers who want access to great rates
ConsWho It's Not Best For
  • con
    Military members (who can save more with other insurers)
  • con
    Drivers in Massachusetts or Rhode Island (where coverage isn’t available)
  • con
    Anyone with multiple at-fault accidents

Many Ways to Save on Lexus Insurance Costs

State Farm is well-known for having some of the best insurance rates in the industry. The company boasts low average premiums nationwide. In fact, besides USAA, which is only available to military members and their families, State Farm offers the cheapest insurance on our list by hundreds of dollars. When you have a car like a Lexus that may be more expensive to insure, a company with low premiums is likely top of mind.

State Farm’s low premiums aren’t the only way you can save money. The company offers plenty of discounts to help you save even more. Two popular ways to save are State Farm’s signature programs, Drive Safe & Save and Steer Clear.

  • Drive Safe & Save: This signature program from State Farm allows you to save money based on your driving. To enroll, all you need to do is put a small Bluetooth device in your vehicle. You’ll get an initial discount when you sign up and could save up to 30 percent on your premiums by driving safely.
  • Steer Clear: State Farm’s Steer Clear program allows you to improve your driving skills while saving money. If you’re under 25 years of age and have had no accidents or at-fault moving violations in the past three years, you can sign up and start completing the program requirements. You’ll go through driving-focused training to help you become a safer driver.

In addition to the two programs listed above, State Farm offers discounts on car insurance costs for being accident-free, taking a defensive driving course, having certain vehicle safety and anti-theft features, having multiple cars on your policy (Lexus vehicles or otherwise), and bundling your home and auto insurance.

Highly Rated Customer Service

State Farm has a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction in the insurance industry. In the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, it earned a rating of 882 out of 1,000 for customer satisfaction. That score landed the company a ranking of 6th in the industry, sitting well above the industry average.

Additionally, State Farm ranks well when it comes to customer complaints. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) maintains a complaint index report of all companies in the insurance industry.3 When it comes to auto insurance complaints, State Farm has fewer complaints than expected in the market.

The complaint index score is determined by dividing the company’s share of complaints by its share of the market. State Farm has a complaint index of 0.95, compared to the industry target of 1.0, meaning it has fewer complaints than expected for a company of its size.

Excellent Coverage Options

You won’t have a problem finding the coverage you need with State Farm. The company has many options to choose from, including standard coverages and a few extras.

First, State Farm offers all of the full coverage options you’d expect for a Lexus, including liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist, and medical payments coverage. Other coverage options include rental and travel expense coverage, emergency road service, and rideshare driver coverage.

The complaint index score is determined by dividing the company’s share of complaints by its share of the market. State Farm has a complaint index of 0.95, compared to the industry target of 1.0, meaning it has fewer complaints than expected for a company of its size.

Excellent Coverage Options

You won’t have a problem finding the coverage you need with State Farm. The company has many options to choose from, including standard coverages and a few extras.

First, State Farm offers all of the full coverage options you’d expect for a Lexus, including liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist, and medical payments coverage. Other coverage options include rental and travel expense coverage, emergency road service, and rideshare driver coverage.

2. Best for Discounts - Allstate

What We Like Most:

  • Three ways to earn a student discount
  • Pay-per-mile option for drivers with low mileage
  • No waiting period to purchase accident forgiveness

Allstate has offered auto insurance for more than 90 years. It’s one of the largest insurance companies nationwide and the fourth-largest auto insurance provider in the U.S. in terms of premiums written. Allstate has a reputation for excellent auto insurance coverage for Lexus cars and all others, thanks to its great discounts, robust service offerings, and more.

ProsWho It's Best For
  • pro
    Families with teen drivers
  • pro
    Drivers who want specialty coverages
  • pro
    Customers who can bundle their policies
ConsWho It's Not Best For
  • con
    Military members (who can save more with other insurers)
  • con
    High-risk drivers with poor records
  • con
    Customers with multiple vehicles (no discount is available)

Many Discounts Available

Allstate stands out as having one of the best lineups of discounts on the market. Some of the discounts that help the company to stand out are those designed for teens and students. Your family may qualify for one of these discounts if you have a young driver on your policy under the age of 25 who meets one of the following requirements:

  • Grade point average above B- or 2.7
  • Successful completion of the teenSMART driver education program
  • Attendance at a school at least 100 miles from where the insured car is garaged

Additionally, Allstate has several billing and payment option discounts, allowing you to save when you set up automatic payments, get your bill paperless, pay in full, pay your bill on time, or sign your policy at least one week before it becomes effective.

Other discounts Allstate offers include the following:

  • Anti-lock brake and anti-theft device discounts, both of which are standard features in Lexus cars
  • New car discount
  • Multiple policies discount
  • Safe driver discount for those with clean driving records

Unique Coverage Options

Allstate has all of the coverage options you would expect of a top auto insurance company, including liability, collision and comprehensive, uninsured motorist, medical payments, and personal injury protection. But the company goes above and beyond by offering other coverages you won’t find just anywhere. Some of those coverages include roadside assistance, rental reimbursement coverage, and personal umbrella insurance.

Additionally, Allstate offers classic car insurance, which protects classic cars that are more than 25 to 30 years old. While it will be at the insurance company’s discretion whether your Lexus will be considered a classic car, some that may fit the bill include older models of the Lexus SC400, LS400, and more.

Finally, Allstate offers car insurance for travel to Mexico, so you’ll have protection on your next road trip south.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction

If you’re looking for excellent customer service, you can expect to find it with Allstate. In the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, the company ranked fifth of all auto insurance companies, earning a rating of 889 out of 1,000.

Additionally, Allstate beats out many of its competitors when it comes to customer complaints, according to data from the NAIC. The company had fewer complaints than the industry overall, with an index of 0.74 for its auto insurance policies.

3. Best for Military Families - USAA

What We Like Most:

  • Cheapest rates for teens on a family policy or on their own
  • Special discount for teens transitioning off their parents’ policy
  • Strong customer service and claims process

USAA is a full-service financial company designed to serve military families. The company has one of the highest-rated auto insurance options on the market thanks to its low average annual insurance price, customer service, and more.

However, not just anyone can join USAA. Enrollment is limited to current military members, veterans, and their families. And to get insurance from this provider, you’ll need to be a USAA member.

ProsWho It's Best For
  • pro
    Military members, veterans, and their families
  • pro
    Customers who want to use other USAA financial services
  • pro
    Eligible drivers who want the lowest rates
ConsWho It's Not Best For
  • con
    People who aren’t military members, veterans, or their families
  • con
    People who aren’t USAA members

Low Annual Premiums

USAA members have access to plenty of perks that not just anyone can get, including low premiums. Our data shows the company’s annual premiums are well below the overall industry average. USAA has an average annual cost of $1,151, while our data has an overall average of $2,071. And if you have a clean driving record and other qualities that make you a low-risk driver, you’re likely to save even more.

On top of USAA’s low annual premiums, you can save on your Lexus coverage with its many discounts. USAA offers a discount for having a student driver with good grades, meaning the student ranks in the upper 20 percent of their class, has a B average or higher, has a 3.0 or better GPA, or is on the honor roll or Dean’s list.

You’ll also get discounts for bundling your policies, having a new vehicle, owning a vehicle equipped with anti-theft devices (which all Lexuses are), and being a loyal member.

Another unique discount USAA offers is for garaging your car on a military installation. In other words, you won’t pay full price for your car insurance when you’re on deployment or otherwise storing your vehicle.

Top-Notch Customer Service

USAA consistently lands a top rating for customer satisfaction from J.D. Power. The company earned a rating of 890, putting it below only Amica Mutual, NIM Insurance Co., and Erie Insurance. USAA also ranked high in J.D. Power’s overall customer satisfaction study, taking first place in 10 out of 11 regions. And in California, where USAA didn’t take first place, it came in a close second.

Drive Safely and Save

USAA offers a SafePilot app that allows you to save money on your car insurance. To enroll, you’ll sign up through the company’s website at for existing customers, or by getting a quote for new customers.

You’ll immediately get a 10 percent discount on your insurance for enrolling. The app will then track your driving and report your driving behaviors back to USAA. If your driving score is good, you can save up to 30 percent on your next bill.

An added bonus of the SafePilot app is you can see exactly how you can improve your driving. The app shows you your score for different categories, including phone use while driving and braking. You’ll see what you need to work on to get a better discount.

4. Best for Coverage Options - Liberty Mutual

What We Like Most:

  • Save up to 30 percent with driver monitoring program
  • Cheap average rates
  • Over 2,000 local agents throughout the U.S.

While Liberty Mutual started as a workers’ compensation company, it is now one of the top auto insurance companies in the country, ranking sixth for the number of premiums written. This company shines, in part, due to its excellent coverage options and many discounts.

ProsWho It's Best For
  • pro
    Current and former military members
  • pro
    Customers who need gap insurance
  • pro
ConsWho It's Not Best For
  • con
    Customers who want the cheapest insurance
  • con
    Drivers who want the best customer service

Many Coverage Options

One of the areas where Liberty Mutual shines the most is in its coverage options for Lexus drivers. Liberty Mutual offers many unique coverages:

  • Disappearing deductible, where you pay an extra premium to reduce your deductible by $100 per year
  • Lifetime repair guarantee, which means Liberty Mutual makes the arrangements for your car to be repaired and guarantees the repairs
  • New car replacement, which means a car less than one year old will be replaced with a brand new car
  • Better car replacement, which means if your car is totaled, you’ll get the money to buy a model that’s one year newer
  • Original parts replacement
  • Teachers’ auto insurance, which waives your deductible for vandalism or collisions on school grounds and provides additional coverage for teaching materials and school-owned property
  • Travel to Mexico auto insurance

Excellent Discounts

Liberty Mutual may not have the lowest premiums of any company on our list, but it offers many discounts to help you lower your rates. Here are some ways you can save:

  • Owning your home
  • Being an active, retired, or reserved military member
  • Getting a quote from Liberty Mutual before your current policy expires
  • Being a student with a GPA of B or higher
  • Having an insured driver away at school
  • Having a claims-free history
  • Having a violation-free history
  • Bundling multiple policies or multiple cars on your policy
  • Setting up automatic payments
  • Completing your enrollment online
  • Signing up for paperless billing

Technology to Help You Save

One of Liberty Mutual’s claims to fame is its RightTrack program, which allows you to save up to 30 percent on your auto policy for the lifetime of your policy. After you download a mobile app, the company observes some of your driving behaviors such as braking, acceleration, nighttime driving, and mileage. Based on this information, Liberty Mutual will reward you with a discount on your policy. Liberty Mutual guarantees a discount just for signing up for the program, regardless of your results.

5. Best for High-Risk Drivers - Acceptance Insurance
Acceptance Insurance logo

What We Like Most:

  • Accepts high-risk drivers
  • Bundle with renters', homeowners', or pet insurance
  • Good for those with bad credit

The best insurance premiums, and even some providers altogether, are only available to drivers with decent driving histories. Once you have too many claims or violations on your record, your premiums will rise, and you may not even qualify for some policies.

That’s where Acceptance comes in. The company got its start because the founder believed all drivers should have access to car insurance. The company operates in 15 states and works to provide insurance to those who may not qualify elsewhere.

ProsWho It's Best For
  • pro
    Drivers with accidents or violations on their records
  • pro
    Customers with poor credit
  • pro
    Drivers who have a hard time qualifying for coverage
ConsWho It's Not Best For
  • con
    Drivers not located in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Texas
  • con
    Customers with clean driving records
  • con
    Drivers who want the best rates

Coverage For High-Risk Drivers

Acceptance prides itself on offering insurance coverage to high-risk drivers. These drivers may include those with at-fault accidents in their histories, those with violations on their records, those with claims in the past, or those with poor credit.

SR-22 Certificates Available

An SR-22 certificate is proof of financial responsibility that some states require. You may need an SR-22 if you’re guilty of certain driving offenses such as driving under the influence, reckless driving, or driving without insurance. This certificate provides proof to your state that you have the minimum required insurance to protect yourself and other drivers in the event of an accident.

Acceptance is willing to work with drivers who need this type of certificate. It will provide the certificate, which you’ll then file with your state government.

TicketProof Program

Getting a speeding ticket can throw a wrench in your finances. Acceptance gives its customers a reprieve from the financial burden of speeding tickets with its TicketProof program. When you sign up for TicketProof, you’ll get reimbursement for the following:

  • Up to $100 for tickets twice per year
  • $200 in legal fees if you go to court
  • $250 if you have to go to traffic school

Be aware that TicketProof doesn’t come standard with your insurance policy. It’s available as an add-on for an extra cost. But for drivers who struggle with getting tickets, it may be worth the extra protection.


We take our job of helping you find the best car insurance seriously. Because of that, we use the following three criteria to choose the top providers:

  • Company information: When giving our recommendations on the best auto insurance companies, we look closely at what each insurer has to offer. We consider each provider’s coverage options and discounts. Additionally, we consider feedback from third-party organizations such as J.D. Power, which gives customer satisfaction ratings, and AM Best, which gives financial strength ratings.
  • Proprietary data: Because we’ve been in the business for more than 20 years, we’ve compiled millions of data points about insurance transactions. We know that not every insurance company caters to every consumer, and our proprietary data allows us to see which customers got the best results with which insurers. Using this information, we can make recommendations to our readers that help them save time in their insurance searches.
  • Institutional knowledge: Paul Ford, the President of Insurance at Centerfield,’s parent company, has nearly three decades of experience in the insurance industry. His experience includes time at Canadian Access, Inslogic, Capital One Insurance Services, NetQuote, Bankrate, and Datalot. We consult Paul in our work, allowing us to leverage his extensive knowledge base and experience to provide the best information to our readers.

Auto Insurance FAQs

Are Lexus cars expensive to insure?

Yes, because Lexus is a luxury brand and more expensive to repair or replace, Lexuses are relatively expensive to insure.

What is the best way to lower your car insurance on a Lexus?

You can lower the car insurance premiums on your Lexus by shopping around for a better deal, increasing your policy deductible, taking advantage of discounts, and maintaining a clean driving record.

Who is the number one auto insurer for a Lexus?

Overall, State Farm is the best auto insurer for a Lexus, thanks to its affordable pricing, excellent customer satisfaction rates, and variety of coverage and discount options.

What is the average cost to insure a Lexus?

Car insurance on a Lexus cost an average of $2,200 annually, higher than the annual average of $2,017. Here are the Lexus insurance rates by model:

Model Average annual cost of insurance
Lexus ES $2,574
Lexus GS $2,872
Lexus NX $2,212
Lexus RX $3,636
Lexus UX (SUV) $5,170

However, car insurance quotes differ for everyone based on driving history and demographic factors, so make sure to shop the entire market rather than going on averages.


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