Published: August 4, 2021Updated: May 24, 2022

Gainsco Insurance

Are you looking for an insurance company happy to insure nonstandard drivers?

If you have a DUI on your record, you’ve lost your license, or your credit score has taken a recent hit, you may be worried about finding a suitable company to offer coverage.

GAINSCO Auto Insurance is one amongst many possible insurers. Founded in 1978 in Dallas, Texas, GAINSCO provides its customers with affordable and customizable insurance plans. Read on to find out more about GAINSCO Auto Insurance and the other steps you can take to get your nonstandard needs covered.

Gainsco Insurance History

If you want to know more about GAINSCO Auto Insurance, their history, and what they have to offer, park here for some fast facts.

GAINSCO Auto Insurance is originally from Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1978 by Joseph Macchia as a commercial auto insurance company. GAINSCO Inc. stands for “General Agents Insurance Company of America, Inc.

Over the course of its 40+ year history, the company has evolved. Glenn Anderson has been the President and CEO of GAINSCO Auto Insurance since 1998. Under his leadership, the company has transitioned from focusing on commercial auto insurance to specializing in nonstandard auto insurance.

  • Today, GAINSCO offers insurance in 15 states (and counting).
  • AM Best ratings has given GAINSCO a B+ rating for financial strength.
  • GAINSCO assigns each of its customers to an independent agent for one-on-one support.

Agents are available to help customers in the following 15 GAINSCO insurance locations: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Utah, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Alabama

What Kind of Insurance Does GAINSCO Offer?

If it’s not your first time around the block, you know there are plenty of auto insurance companies competing for your business.

GAINSCO stands out because of its focus on drivers with nontraditional needs.

Here are some of the kinds of drivers who GAINSCO is best suited for:

  • Drivers Who Are Considered High-risk – Being categorized as a high-risk driver means having to pay more for insurance. A driver can end up in the high-risk category for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s credit history that makes a driver look risky, while more commonly, it’s a spotty driving record. GAINSCO can help put you back in the driver’s seat with appropriate insurance. Have an SR-22 to add on to your insurance policy? GAINSCO can handle that, too.
  • Drivers with Suspended or No License – If your license is suspended, you might want to get insurance before it’s reinstated. In some cases, insurance is required before a driver can get their license back. Or maybe you want to get a policy for someone in your family, even though you’re not planning to drive the vehicle yourself. Whatever your situation, one of GAINSCO’s highly customizable plans could fit your needs and budget. And an independent agent will be happy to sort things out with you over the phone.
  • Drivers Looking to Meet the Minimum Insurance Limit – Is your car mostly in the garage? You still probably want to keep it insured in case you decide to go on a joy ride (or nature decides to wreak havoc). Maybe you don’t have a car but want to maintain a policy so that you’re continuously insured. Either way, GAINSCO can help you meet your state’s minimum insurance limit. To sweeten the deal, GAINSCO offers flexible, six-month plans.

What is an SR-22 Add-on?

GAINSCO is no stranger to SR-22s. In fact, they specialize in nonstandard insurance needs associated with high-risk drivers. An SR-22 add-on is an auto insurance liability endorsement. Most state DMV offices mandate that high-risk drivers add an SR-22 to their policy to ensure they’ve met coverage requirements.

Wondering if you need an SR-22? Here are some cases in which you might:

  • You’ve been convicted of a DUI
  • You’ve been convicted of reckless driving
  • You have several speeding tickets
  • You’ve been convicted of being in an uninsured accident

If you’re facing one of these problems, then GAINSCO Auto Insurance might be a good fit for you.

What Does GAINSCO Insurance Cover?

When taking out your GAINSCO policy, you’ll be paired with an independent insurance agent who can answer each and every question you have about your policy options, what they cover, and what you really need.

As a high-risk driver, you may be tempted to take out the minimum level of insurance required to save money. While requirements vary by state, GAINSCO can offer the following kinds of basic coverage:

  • Liability coverage – When you’re at fault in an accident, this kind of insurance covers your liability for bodily injury to the other driver and their passengers. It can also help pay for any property damage.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) – If you’re at fault or you collide with an uninsured driver, you’ll need PIP to cover the cost of any injuries you incur.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage – Likewise, uninsured motorists won’t have policies to kick in and help cover your property damage costs. Uninsured motorist coverage prepares you for accidents with un- or under-insured drivers.

But the last thing you want is to end up paying even more out-of-pocket if you strike a mailbox or get caught in a hail storm. For these reasons, you might also want:

  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage

Talk with your GAINSCO representative to decide on the best policy for you and your vehicle.

How to Contact GAINSCO and Pay Your Bill

GAINSCO knows that auto insurance is easier when it’s personal. That’s why every customer is assigned to their own individual agent. In this section, we’ll go over how to get in contact with GAINSCO for all your auto insurance needs, whether it’s to pay the bill or file a claim.

Pay a Bill

Want to interact with a human? Maybe not. Either way, GAINSCO has a payment method that will make paying for your insurance bill easy.

  • Pay with Debit, Credit, or Check – GAINSCO accepts it all. Use your preferred payment method.
  • Cash – Thanks to GAINSCO’s emphasis on customer service and personal attention, you can pay your bill in cash by visiting your local agent.
  • Auto-pay – From groceries to gas, soccer practice to birthdays, there’s already enough to remember without having to pencil in the car insurance bill. Use GAINSCO’s auto-pay service and never miss paying your bill. Enroll in auto-pay online or call the GAINSCO insurance phone number at 1866.GAINSCO.
  • Pay as You Go – Pay your bills as you browse the web through GAINSCO’s online payment portal. You can also make a one-time payment over the phone by calling the GAINSCO auto insurance phone number at 1866.GAINSCO.
  • Mail a Payment – Prefer to use the old-fashioned envelope and stamp? Not a problem. You can mail your payment to the following address (be sure to allow enough time for delivery and processing to avoid lapses in coverage):


P.O. Box 199023

Dallas, Texas 75219-9023

However you pay, be sure you’re on time to prevent lapses in coverage. After all, driving uninsured is against the law.

File a Claim

Though we hope you’ll never have to deal with an accident, here’s how to contact GAINSCO in the event you need to make a claim.

  • File a Claim Online – After an accident, you might not be in the mood to chat. Not to worry: you can file a claim with GAINSCO online. Simply login to your GAINSCO Policy Account and follow the instructions.
  • Call in a Claim – Call the GAINSCO insurance claims phone number at 1866.424.6726.
  • For Non-policy Holders – There are times when you may have to file a claim even though you are not the policyholder. In this situation, you can file a claim online, 24/7, here.

Customer Service

Got a question specific to your needs? Curious to find out how helpful a GAINSCO agent can be? Chat with a bilingual representative today by calling the GAINSCO insurance customer service phone number at 1.866.424.6726.

Tips for At-Risk Drivers

It can be hard to see the end when you’re going through a rough patch. For drivers who have been categorized as high-risk, this is especially true.

Will you ever be able to pay less for auto insurance?

The short answer is that it’s very possible—with some time and effort. Here are a few ways to leave your high-risk history in the dust:

  • Maintain Coverage – Even if you’re waiting for your suspended license to get reinstated, maintaining coverage on your vehicle is important. Take out minimum coverage to avoid any gaps in your insurance history.
  • Be Safe – If you get several speeding tickets, then you’ll end up categorized as a high-risk driver. If, however, you manage to avoid tickets over a considerable period of time, then you’ll see your rates improve.

Driving in the high-risk lane doesn’t have to be forever. Insurance companies tend to review driving history from the last three to five years. Signs of improved driving and responsibility will help you to exit the high-risk category quickly. Insuring your vehicle and maintaining coverage is a good first step.

Find Your Perfect Policy With

From insurance solutions for non-standard needs to low monthly plans for drivers with clean driving records, GAINSCO Auto Insurance has something for everyone on the road.

However, every driver’s needs are unique. Just because your best friend found a deal with a particular insurer doesn’t mean you’ll have the same results. And as a high-risk driver, taking time to compare prices can ensure that you’re not overpaying for car insurance.

Need a hand? At, we’re here to help. Get started on your search for the perfect insurance by using our free quote comparison tool.


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