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Last updated: May 29, 2024

Endurance Extended Warranty Review and Pricing 2024

Endurance sells vehicle protection plans for new, old, and high-mileage vehicles.

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As one of the largest providers of auto protection plans in the nation, Endurance touts itself as the number one in direct-to-consumer vehicle protection plans. The company offers a wide range of plans and says it works to meet most budgets for pricing.

But who would benefit the most from an extended warranty with Endurance? I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the company in my detailed review below.

We’ve reviewed other extended car warranties, including a roundup of the best extended warranties.

Editor’s Note (Last Updated: May 8, 2024) – We updated this review to reflect the latest ratings, coverage details, and pricing.

Pros and Cons


  • Has three coverage options for a range of budgets

  • Offers coverage for vehicles up to 20 years old

  • No mileage limits

  • Fully online quotes

  • Includes 24/7 roadside assistance and rental car benefits in all plans

  • Has a mobile app through which customers can submit claims or review coverage


  • Hard-to-use mobile app

  • Some benefits, like total loss protection, included only in the first year of service

  • Mixed customer service reviews

Who Should Buy?

Who It Would Be Good For

Endurance is a good choice for a driver with an older model-year car (up to 20 years old), a high-mileage vehicle, a salvage or rebuilt title vehicle, or a luxury car.

Who It Would Not Be Good For

Endurance would not be good for drivers of vehicles with “preexisting conditions,” which the company defines as any issue occurring or beginning before the vehicle finishes the waiting period of 30 to 60 days.

Is Your Car Eligible?


To be eligible for an Endurance plan, your vehicle must not be older than 20 years. It can have any mileage, which sets Endurance apart (for example, Autopom! caps eligibility at 140,000 miles).

Not Eligible

Vehicles with preexisting conditions or older than 20 years are ineligible for Endurance warranties.

How It Works

The Buying Process

Endurance Buying Process

Customers have three options for getting a quote from Endurance:

  1. Fill out a short form on its website: ​​
  2. Visit its website:
  3. Call 800-253-8203 to speak to a customer service representative.


Endurance gives quick, free estimates for any vehicle.

I opted to visit the Endurance website and request a quote online. Unlike other companies, which often require you to complete a quote by phone, Endurance presented me with a quote entirely online. (More on that quote below.)

Endurance Sample Contract


Endurance RepairPal

Policyholders should follow these steps when filing a claim with Endurance:

  1. Take your vehicle to a licensed repair facility. To find a facility, use Endurance’s search tool:
  2. Obtain authorization from Endurance before repairs begin. The service manager should call Endurance at 224-326-0619 before working on the vehicle.
  3. Authorize inspection with the repair shop.
  4. Go over the repairs Endurance will cover with the service manager.
  5. Pay your deductible, if applicable.
  6. Collect the documentation of the repairs and submit it within 30 days of the work completion, or 365 days in Wisconsin, to be eligible for payment. For claim assistance, contact the Administrator by:
    • Phone: 877-414-0134
    • Mail:
      • Endurance Dealer Services, LLC
      • 400 Skokie Blvd., Suite 105
      • Northbrook, IL 60062

What Does an Endurance Warranty Cover?

Endurance Warranty Plans

Endurance offers three tiers of service designed to meet the needs of most consumers, giving them peace of mind that their auto repairs will be covered by a monthly payment to their vehicle service contract provider.

When I got a quote, the cost for each of the tiers was fairly similar, so I would likely opt for the Supreme plan if I did purchase coverage.

Plans Secure Plus Superior Supreme
What it covers Vehicle’s most vital/expensive-to-repair components, such as the engine, transmission, and brakes All of the Secure Plus items, plus electronics coverage All of the Superior coverage, with more components, such as cruise control and power antenna
Rental car benefits Yes Yes Yes
Routine maintenance benefits No No No
Extensive component protection, such as alternator, washer pump and switch, and cruise control module No Yes Yes
Oil/filter changes, tire rotations, and brake pad and wiper blade replacements No No No
High-tech add-on options such as backup cameras, video systems, blind-spot sensors, and navigation systems No Yes Yes
Salvage or rebuilt vehicles, lift kits No Yes Yes
Mileage maximum Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Vehicle age maximum (in years) 20 20 20
1 year of Elite Benefits (24/7 roadside assistance, coverage for up to 4 tires/year due to road hazards, key fob replacement, $500-per-accident collision discount up to $500 per accident, up to $1,000 of total loss protection, app) Yes Yes Yes

What’s Not Covered

No Endurance plan will cover preexisting conditions, nor the following parts, unless specifically listed in your policy:

  • All exhaust components
  • Any equipment the manufacturer has not installed
  • Battery and battery cable/harness
  • Body sheet metal and panels
  • Brake rotors and drums
  • Bright metal chrome
  • Bumpers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Distributor cap and rotor
  • Door bushings/bearings, hardware, or linkages
  • Door handles
  • Electronic transmitting/receiving devices
  • Emissions components, such as:
    • EGR purge valve/solenoids/sensors
    • Vacuum canister
    • Vapor return canister
    • Vapor return lines/valves
    • Air pump/lines/valves
    • Catalytic converter/filtering/sensors
    • Gas cap/filler neck
  • Engine block and cylinder heads if damaged by overheating, freezing, or warping
  • Frame and structural body parts
  • Friction clutch disc/pressure plate
  • Fuses
  • Glass
  • LED lighting
  • Lenses
  • Liftgate handles
  • Light bulbs
  • Moldings
  • Outside ornamentation
  • Paint
  • Preheated car systems
  • Programming, reprogramming, or updating a component that has not mechanically failed
  • Radar detection devices
  • Remote control consoles
  • Safety restraint systems
  • Shock absorbers
  • Speakers
  • Standard transmission clutch assembly
  • Tailgate handles
  • Thermostat housing
  • Tires, including tire pressure sensors, and wheel/rims
  • Trim
  • Upholstery and carpet
  • Vinyl and convertible tops, including any convertible top assemblies
  • Voice recognition systems
  • Weatherstripping


Endurance gives each policyholder one free year of Elite Benefits, a $2,000 value. Elite Benefits includes the following:

  • Complete tire coverage: Each year, drivers can receive reimbursement for up to four tires damaged because of road hazards per year. If you live in a city with tons of potholes, like I do, this coverage alone could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Key fob replacement: Endurance will replace any lost or damaged key fob or car key for up to $500.
  • Collision discount: The company will discount up to $500 per accident in repairing any vehicle damage because of a collision.
  • Total loss protection: Policyholders will receive up to $1,000 toward a replacement vehicle.


Endurance gives each policyholder a free year of Elite Benefits.

How Much Does an Endurance Warranty Cost?

Endurance Mileage

Endurance doesn’t provide prices for its plans online, preferring to tailor each quote for each customer depending on their vehicle make, model, mileage, and other factors. On average, an Endurance warranty costs about $1,201 annually, but this can vary quite a bit depending on your vehicle.

For example, when I got a quote for my Toyota Prius, I could pay anywhere from $91.70 to $92.54 in 30 monthly payments (2.5 years), which is about $1,100 annually. However, some Endurance warranty services cost as low as $70 and $75 per month ($840 to $900 annually), along with a one-time down payment of between $150 and $190.

Endurance Quote

The company also allows customers to choose from several deductible options: $0, $50, $100, and $200. A higher deductible means a lower payment. Customers can pay for warranty plans over 12, 18, or 24 months.


Endurance Discount

The Endurance Extended Warranty website touts a $300 savings off any new policy, but it doesn’t have any other discounts available.

Money-Back Guarantee

Each plan or service contract comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cancellation Fee

Endurance considers the first 30 days a review period. Any customer who decides Endurance isn’t for them during the first 30 days of the policy will receive a full refund as long as they haven’t used the policy during that time frame. Customers who wish to cancel their contract with Endurance after the 30-day review period ends will receive a prorated refund. To cancel, call 866-432-4443.


Your Endurance Extended Warranty policy is transferable when selling your car, truck, or SUV.

Customer Service Contact Information

To contact an Endurance customer service representative:

  1. Call 1-866-432-4443.
  2. Use the web form:
  3. Download the Endurance mobile app for iOS or Android.

Third-Party Reviews

Better Business Bureau

Endurance has an overall A- rating and a 3.61-star (out of five) customer rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), based on an average of 3,446 customer reviews. However, the BBB itself has not rated or accredited the company. BBB files show a pattern of complaints against Endurance, such as claim denial and mileage discrepancies. In December 2022, the BBB requested the company address the complaints, and as of that same month, Endurance has shown the BBB it is actively working to address the concerns. The company ended up settling with the Oregon Department of Justice the same month for its unwanted phone solicitations.1


The company has a slightly higher rating on Trustpilot, earning 3.7 stars out of five, with more than 8,602 customer ratings. People liked the customer service, although some people were angry that their claims weren’t paid out.2


While Endurance is a legitimate company, auto warranty scams are unfortunately common. Read more to learn how to spot them.

Mobile App

Endurance App

The Endurance mobile app is fairly robust in its capabilities, allowing customers to access their accounts and file claims. Unfortunately, the app has relatively low ratings: a 2.4-star (out of five) rating in the Apple App Store and a 2.9-star (out of five) rating in Google Play. Most of the customer complaints center on difficulties getting the app to work or trouble signing up for the app. The app provides, in theory:

  • Policy and coverage details
  • Real-time updates about claim statuses
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and towing
  • Direct customer service
  • Elite Benefits (if activated)


The Endurance mobile app gives users easy access to view documents and use their vehicle protection benefits, such as towing.

Company Background

Endurance has been around since 2006 and has its headquarters in Illinois. The company provides service in all 50 states. It’s one of the largest providers of auto protection plans in the U.S. In 2023, Crain’s Chicago Business named it one of the largest Chicago-based privately owned companies for the fifth year in a row.3

How Does It Compare?

CarShield Ice-T Quote

Endurance is a direct-to-consumer extended warranty company, similar to CarShield. Both companies provide multiple coverage options for customers to choose from, with some key differences. Endurance offers more options for vehicles, but CarShield has specialized plans for ATVs and motorcycles.

For pricing, CarShield has slightly lower monthly premiums for shorter-term bumper-to-bumper coverage (around $130 per month on average) versus a similar plan from Endurance (around $167 per month).

The BBB gave CarShield an A rating, while Endurance got an A-. While Endurance and CarShield have similar ratings from TrustPilot, Endurance has a higher customer rating from the BBB (3.61 stars) than CarShield (1.14 stars).

Extended warranty company Endurance CarShield
Average annual cost $1,201 $1,454
BBB customer score 3.61 1.41
Trustpilot score (out of 5) 3.7 4.2
Maximum vehicle mileage unlimited 300,000
Maximum vehicle age (in years) 20 25
Broker No Yes


For my extended warranty review and pricing pages, I take into account several factors.


I examine which vehicles the extended warranty would include, such as what vehicle year, type, and mileage. I also take into account whether the company allows the vehicle to have any preexisting conditions. Finally, I consider where the warranty company offers coverage in the U.S.

Buying and Claims Process

I like companies that give drivers multiple options to receive quotes and purchase warranties, such as online and over the phone. Companies that don’t require pre-inspections or waiting periods receive priority treatment.

I rank companies that allow customers to access any licensed repair shop in Canada or the U.S. higher. I also prefer companies that pay facilities directly rather than having the customer file for reimbursement. I find that companies with deductibles per visit, rather than per repair, save customers money.


Because of the wide differences in coverage for providers and their plans, I prefer companies that offer more coverage options. Companies with 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, coverage for parts and labor, tire repair/replacement, and rental car reimbursement offer more to consumers than companies that offer repairs only.


The average yearly cost for an extended warranty in the auto industry is $2,235. As almost no extended warranty company posts its prices, I have to use averages.

Customer Service

I like companies that give multiple options for customers to contact them, such as email, online forms, and phone. I also view customer service ratings on Trustpilot and the BBB to see how the company rates with real customers.

Mobile App

More companies have Android and iOS mobile apps for claim submissions, policy checks, and repair facility locators, among other tools. I prefer well-designed apps with at least three-star ratings in both Google Play and the App Store.


Extras can make companies stand out among the competition, but not many extended warranty companies have them. For example, Toco offers customers a discount on reservations made through However, I don’t expect every company to have add-ons—rather, it’s a nice-to-have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Endurance Extended Auto Warranties

What can void your Endurance extended warranty?

There are several events that can void your Endurance extended warranty:

  • Altering the odometer: Any alterations to your odometer will likely void coverage.
  • Lack of maintenance: Skipping oil changes or never changing filters could lead to the company canceling your coverage.
  • Misusing your vehicle: Your policy outlines how you can use your vehicle. If you choose to drive your vehicle differently, such as taking your car off-road when it’s not designed for that purpose, you could void the warranty.
  • Title issues: A change in your vehicle’s title could void your coverage.
  • Unauthorized modifications: Check your policy’s fine print before modifying your vehicle’s aesthetics or performance.

Does Endurance deny claims?

Endurance would deny a claim only if the driver used aftermarket parts, if the car had unauthorized vehicle modifications, or if the repairs aren’t covered by the warranty.

Is Endurance the same as CarShield?

Endurance is not the same as CarShield. While Endurance is an extended warranty provider, otherwise known as a vendor, CarShield is a broker that connects customers with vendors like American Auto Shield.

How much does Endurance cost per month?

On average, Endurance costs around $70 to $75 per month. However, that cost will vary based on your vehicle, its mileage, and any modifications you’ve made.


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