Published: September 19, 2019Updated: May 6, 2022

Can household members purchase an auto insurance policy together?

Absolutely! It is a possibility for household members to purchase a policy together and include multiple vehicles and drivers into one single policy. This can be beneficial in multiple ways, such as obtaining the multiple car discounts and being able to drive each other’s vehicles.

In most circumstances, each vehicle may be in different household member’s names, which shouldn’t be a problem. There are various insurance carriers out there and each one has its own rules and regulations; therefore, you must check with each company’s guidelines on whether you can insure vehicles on the same policy which are not registered to the same person.

There could be a downside to this; remember that if you place multiple vehicles in the same policy, they all have to be paid at the same time since you will not receive bills for each vehicle individually. This can sometimes create a problem because if each driver is pitching in for their part of the payment, all would have to be paid at the same time. If one driver is unable to come up with the payment, a partial payment cannot be submitted; therefore, you may run the risk of coming up short in case one of the drivers cannot come up with their share.

Another thing to keep in mind is that including a driver with little driving experience or who has tickets and/or accidents, they can make the whole policy premium increase instead of just impacting their own vehicle. Additionally, if one driver gets a new ticket, all vehicle premiums may be affected.

Whatever you feel would be the best thing to do, can help you find the right insurer for your particular needs. A great way to find cheap rates is to complete an auto insurance comparison from multiple companies, this way, you won’t limit yourself to a couple of companies and possibly leave out the cheaper rates.

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Consumers may even be able to purchase their policy online to receive instant proof of coverage.