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Last updated: April 30, 2024

Erie Auto Insurance Review

For customers who live where Erie is available, the company is a great option for auto insurance.

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Erie is a nearly 100-year-old insurance company based in and named after Erie, Pennsylvania. In addition to various property, business, and personal insurance policies, Erie offers car insurance, which it sells online and over the phone. Though Erie is a regional company that sells insurance in only 12 states and Washington, D.C., it has risen to become the nation’s 13th-largest auto insurance provider.

Our industry research finds that Erie offers excellent rates for high-quality coverage. Customers praise its claims process and customer service. In terms of downsides, some may find the company’s online tools and mobile app lacking compared to those of larger insurance companies.

In addition to being a senior editor and analyst at, I can speak to Erie’s offerings as a former customer. Below, I’ll walk you through Erie’s pricing, quote process, claims servicing, and more to help you decide whether the company could be a good fit.

At a Glance: Erie Pros and Cons


  • Low prices

  • Option to lock in your auto insurance rate

  • Excellent customer service and claims satisfaction scores

  • Easy online quote process


  • Available in only 12 states and D.C.

  • Some find online tools lacking

Erie Auto Insurance Review

Why I Considered Erie for Auto Insurance

You may not have heard of Erie because, unlike the major providers, the company doesn’t spend a ton on advertising. Erie’s goal is to attract drivers with a clean record — who are considered less risky to insure — which is part of how it keeps premiums low. While drivers with good credit and a clean record will see the lowest prices, drivers with at-fault accidents and DUIs may also find cheaper rates compared to the competition.

If you live in one of the states where Erie sells auto insurance, I recommend getting a quote. Here’s where it’s available:

I learned about Erie a couple years ago, when I moved to North Carolina. After I moved, my rates with my then-provider State Farm increased. I got quotes from a few different providers, and Erie was the cheapest — about half the price of my State Farm policy for the same coverage.

Erie Pricing by Customer Profile

Driver profile Erie average annual rate for full coverage National average annual rate for full coverage
Good driver with good credit $1,495 $1,924
Driver with a DUI $2,575 $3,328
Driver with an at-fault accident $1,884 $2,809
Driver with bad credit $3,253 $3,315

How Much Does Erie Car Insurance Cost?

Erie’s average premiums are $1,495 annually ($125 monthly) for full coverage and $483 annually ($40 monthly) for minimum coverage. That’s 22 percent below average for full coverage and 12 percent below average for minimum coverage. Among the insurers we analyzed, just USAA (which is available only to military members and their families) was cheaper.

Company Average annual premium for full coverage Average annual premium for minimum coverage
Allstate $2,639 $597
American Family $1,785 $713
Erie $1,495 $483
Farmers $2,320 $634
GEICO $1,572 $413
Nationwide $1,805 $613
Progressive $1,891 $481
State Farm $1,697 $482
Travelers $1,630 $530
USAA $1,322 $356
National average $1,924 $547

Rates change based on factors like location, vehicle, and driving history, so your quote may differ depending on your circumstances.

When I was an Erie customer, I paid $984 annually ($82 monthly) for full coverage, which is about 38 percent less than the average cost of full coverage in North Carolina. That’s significant savings, which is why I bought a policy and recommend getting a quote if Erie is available where you live.

How You Can Save on Your Erie Policy

My Erie policy included the following discounts:

  • Advance Quote, for getting a quote before the policy the takes effect (Erie doesn’t specify, but you typically need to get the quote at least eight days in advance)
  • Anti-Lock Brakes, for having this feature in my car
  • Anti-Theft, for having a passive anti-theft device in my car (meaning it protects the car without the driver having to do anything — for example, auto-locking doors)
  • Multi-Policy, for bundling my auto and renter policies
  • Passive Restraint, for having driver, passenger, and side airbags

Something I appreciated about Erie is that unlike with State Farm, I did not have to install a device in my car to track my driving behaviors. While tracking my driving with State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save app isn’t a big deal, it was one less thing to worry about with Erie.

If you are interested in a discount for safe driving, Erie offers a rewards program called YourTurn. YourTurn tracks driving habits like braking, acceleration, cornering, speed, and phone use, and offers feedback for improvement. Depending on habits, drivers age 16 to 23 can earn up to $10 in rewards every two weeks and drivers age 24 and older can earn up to $5 every two weeks. I don’t recall being offered the opportunity to enroll in YourTurn, so it’s possible this program is not available in North Carolina. Compared to telematics discounts from major providers, it’s not a huge savings — but as in my case, you may find Erie’s rates are cheaper even without enrolling in YourTurn.

In addition to the discounts mentioned above, Erie also offers discounts for the following:

  • Attending college full time away from home
  • Being under age 21 and living at home
  • Completing a driver education course (for drivers under age 21)
  • Paying your premium upfront
  • Storing your vehicle for 90 days or more
  • Transitioning off your parents’ Erie policy onto your own policy

My Experience Getting a Quote With Erie

Recently, I moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, so I needed a new insurance policy.


If you move to a new state, you will need a new insurance policy, even if you stick with the same company.

Since I had a positive experience with Erie in North Carolina, I decided to get a quote for a Pennsylvania policy.

I found Erie’s online quote process straightforward and transparent. First, I entered standard information about drivers, location, and vehicles.

Get an Auto Insurance Quote from Erie

Entering Vehicle Information to Get a Quote from Erie

After entering required information, I received my estimated premium. I had the option to adjust liability limits and deductibles and see how these changes affected my premium.

Customized Erie Coverages

* Sample quote for a 30-year-old driver in Pennsylvania (me). Your premium will vary.

To complete the purchase of the policy, I had to submit the quote to an agent, who followed up by phone. I had a positive experience chatting with an agent both when I bought my North Carolina policy and for my Pennsylvania quote.

Major and regional insurance providers alike often require starting or completing the quote process by phone — I like that Erie provides the convenience and transparency of an online quote.

What Coverages I Chose for My Erie Policy

Nearly every state requires drivers to hold minimum liability coverage, which pays for the other party’s injuries and damages in the event of an accident. With the costs of medical care and vehicles rising, minimum required limits may not be sufficient in an accident. If it fits your budget, I always recommend raising your liability limits above the state minimum.

Here’s how much it cost to increase liability limits above the state minimum in my Pennsylvania quote:

Liability coverage What it pays for Limits How much it added to my quote
Bodily injury The other party’s medical bills and damages $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident $3.83 per month
Property damage Damage you cause to another person’s vehicle or property $100,000 per accident $1.08 per month

* Sample quote for a 30-year-old driver in Pennsylvania (me), where the bodily injury liability limits are $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident and the property damage liability limit is $5,000 per accident.

When I had a policy in North Carolina, I also had the following coverages:

Coverage What it pays for Limits/Deductible How much it added to my policy
Medical payments Your and your passengers’ injuries $5,000 per person $2 per month
Uninsured/Underinsured motorist bodily injury Your and your passengers’ injuries caused by a driver with no insurance or insufficient coverage $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident $3 per month
Uninsured motorist property damage Damage to your vehicle caused by a driver with no insurance $100,000 per accident, $100 deductible Less than $1 per month
Collision Damage to your car in an accident $0 deductible $16 per month
Comprehensive Damage to your car in an incident other than an accident, like theft, windstorm, or fire $250 deductible $35 per month
Towing and labor Assistance for a flat tire, lockout, running out of gas, mechanical breakdown, or dead battery Up to $100 per incident Less than $1 per month
Rental reimbursement Reimbursement for a rental car if your car is in the shop due to an accident $30 per day, up to $900 total $2 per month

In addition to standard coverages above — liability, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist, collision and comprehensive, towing and labor, rental reimbursement — Erie offers coverages such as:

Coverage What you get How much it added my quote
New-car Replacement The cost of a replacement vehicle of the same or newer model in the event your new car is totaled; if you owe more than the car is worth, Erie will also pay the difference between the actual cash value and the remaining balance on the loan or lease (like gap coverage) Not included, though Erie reports it typically adds just a few dollars per month
Rideshare coverage Liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage above what the rideshare company offers. Not included

The following coverages are also built in to most Erie policies:

  • First Accident Forgiveness, after three years as a customer without claims
  • Windshield Repair, which waives your collision deductible if your windshield is repaired rather than replaced
  • Pet Injury Coverage, which reimburses up to $500 for vet bills if your pet is injured in your car
  • Travel Expenses, meals and lodging if your trip is disrupted due to a covered loss
  • Locksmith Services, up to $75
  • Personal Damage Coverage, which pays for up to $350 of personal belongings in your car damaged during a covered accident

Featured Add-on: RateLock

Many drivers in the U.S. are facing rising costs for car insurance. According to J.D. Power, almost 1 out of every 3 drivers had to pay more for insurance between 2022 and 2023.1

For those looking to avoid price hikes, Erie offers a unique feature called RateLock. If you add this feature to your policy, Erie will not raise your rates — even if you file a claim — unless you add or remove drivers or vehicles from the policy or you move.


Auto insurance rates rose 14.5 percent in 2023, more than twice the rate of inflation.2

RateLock is not available in all states — I did not have the option to add it to my policy in North Carolina — and is limited to three years in Virginia. Keep in mind that RateLock doesn’t guarantee coverage, meaning Erie can still cancel your policy after a serious violation, like a DUI.

Featured Add-on: AutoPlus

For a few dollars extra per month. Erie offers a package called AutoPlus, which includes the following:

  • Diminishing deductible: Reduces your deductible by $100 every year you go without a claim
  • Transportation expenses: Pays for up to 10 additional days of a rental car after settlement if your car is totaled
  • Increased coverage limits: Helps pay for emergency travel costs, personal items, sound equipment, and non-owned trailers
  • Waived deductible in certain situations
  • Death benefit: Provides $10,000 if you or a relative dies in an car accident

My Experience Filing a Claim With Erie

While I was an Erie customer, I was involved in an accident and had to file a claim. In my experience, Erie helped me navigate a stressful situation as smoothly as possible.

I initiated the claim by phone (Erie does not currently offer the option to initiate a claim online) and spoke to an agent (Erie’s agents are available 24/7). Within 24 hours, a claims handler reached out to me to review accident details, my coverage, and repair options. Erie also reserved a rental car for me, and I had the option to choose which company to rent from.

For repairs, Erie gave me the choice between working with one of its in-network shops or my preferred shop. I chose my own shop, and Erie paid the shop directly. I did not have any issues with adjustment. When I told the repair shop manager that I had Erie for insurance, he said that he consistently finds that company easy to work with. Overall, I was satisfied with my claims experience and found the claims process to be straightforward and easy.

Erie: Customer Satisfaction

Overall, I was satisfied with Erie, and according to the data, other customers are too.


Every year, the independent publication CRASH Network conducts a survey of collision repair shops. It asks a single question: “How well does this company’s claims handling policies, attitude and payment practices ensure quality repairs and customer service for motorists?”

In CRASH Network’s 2023 report, Erie ranked No. 3 overall and No. 1 in the Northeast region. This indicates that collision repair shops find Erie easy to work with. Erie will prioritize paying for quality repairs over saving money during the claims process. This aligns with my own claims experience.

Erie also ranked highly — No. 3 overall — in J.D. Power’s 2023 Claims Satisfaction Study, further reflecting its strong claims process.

Financial Strength

AM Best gives Erie an A+ for financial strength, which means the company can reliably pay for claims.

Shopping Experience

Erie also received above-average scores in J.D. Power’s 2023 Insurance Shopping Study, ranking No. 2 among midsize insurers after The Hartford. This study analyzes agent interaction, quote process, coverage offerings, and price. This aligns with my own positive experience with Erie’s pricing and ease of obtaining a quote.

Customer Satisfaction Summary

Source Erie rating or score
AM Best Financial Strength Rating3 A+
CRASH Network 2023 Insurer Report Card4 A- — No. 3 Overall
J.D. Power 2023 Claims Satisfaction Study5 902 out of 1,000 — No. 3 Overall
J.D. Power 2023 Insurance Shopping Study 878 out of 1,000 — No. 2 among midsize insurers

How Erie’s Digital Tools Stack Up

Erie’s mobile app allows you to view policy documents (like your ID card and declarations page) and pay your bills. To file a claim or request roadside assistance, customers must call Erie.

Erie’s insurance-related mobile app received mixed to negative reviews, so customers may find it easier to manage their policy on Erie’s website or by phone. Erie’s YourTurn app, which helps customers improve their driving habits and earn rewards, received more positive reviews.

Personally, I did not use Erie’s app, so I can’t speak to its functionality. I managed my policy online and by phone, which I found intuitive and user-friendly.

App Rating (out of 5)
Erie insurance iPhone — 2.8 stars

Android — 3.1 stars

Erie YourTurn iPhone — 4.8 stars

Android — 4.8 stars

Bottom Line

Did I buy another policy with Erie when I moved to Pennsylvania?

It was a tough decision because of the excellent service I received with Erie in North Carolina, but in the end, I got a policy with State Farm. The decision came down to price, as the State Farm quote was about 14 percent lower than the Erie quote. I can’t know for sure, but I suspect my claim increased the Erie quote. Like I mentioned, the company tends to be best for drivers with a claims-free history.

That said, I recommend getting a quote with Erie if you are shopping for auto insurance. Based on my industry research and expertise, and my personal experience as a customer, Erie offers high-quality auto insurance at a good value.

Methodology: How We Review Insurance Companies

Our auto insurance evaluation process aims to provide consumers with insights backed both by research and customer experience. We employ the following methodology to assess companies:

  1. Value and coverage: We analyze companies’ pricing, discounts, availability by state, and coverage options.
  2. Customer experience: Leveraging our own experiences as auto insurance consumers, we offer insights into the shopping journey and the level of engagement with insurers.
  3. Claims handling: At the core of an insurance company’s service is claim fulfillment. Our evaluation includes analyzing claims processes using third-party data and customer feedback.
  4. Industry ratings and reviews: We gather data from independent agencies to assess factors like financial strength, complaint records, and customer satisfaction.
  5. Digital tools and technology: We evaluate the user-friendliness of websites, mobile apps, and online account management features.

Erie - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Erie a good car insurance company?

We consider Erie a good car insurance company due to its competitive pricing, strong coverage, and high level of customer satisfaction.

Is Erie car insurance expensive?

In general, Erie car insurance is not expensive. Erie’s rates are 22 percent less than the national average for full coverage, and 12 percent less for minimum coverage. Erie’s rates are cheapest for drivers with a clean record and a good credit score.

What is the grace period for Erie auto?

Erie has a 30-day grace period, meaning you have up to 30 days after your bill’s due date to pay without a lapse in coverage. Erie will cancel your policy if you do not pay within this time.

Does Erie use OEM parts?

Erie allows repair shops to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts. If you want your car repaired with OEM parts, speak with your Erie adjuster. In general, repair shops report that Erie is easy to work with and does not pressure shops to use lower-quality parts to save money.


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