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Last updated: May 23, 2024

Omega Extended Warranty Review

Omega offers solid extended warranty coverage, especially for new car owners and those who want some routine maintenance covered.

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As I continue to explore options for the right extended warranty for my Honda CR-V, I am honing in on some key benefits that matter to me, in particular maintenance perks. As a conscientious car owner, I believe in proactively maintaining my vehicle to enhance its longevity and save money in the long-run. I want an extended warranty that not only provides coverage for unforeseen issues, but also assists me in maintaining my car’s upkeep to prevent future failures.

I was excited to discover Omega, as it appears to be an extended warranty that does just that. Each of its policies offers maintenance benefits that include—with limitations—oil changes, brake pads, battery replacement, and cooling and lube maintenance. These benefits begin after a 30-day waiting period and expire 13 months from the policy purchase date.

Omega has three different coverage level options available to fit a wide range of vehicles. In addition to the aforementioned maintenance benefits, its policies also include roadside assistance, road hazard coverage for tires, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption. Omega Auto Care offers plans for vehicles as old as 15 model years old and less than 250,000 odometer miles.

I found its website to be clear and comprehensive. Unlike Autopom!, where I had to call to gather more detailed information about each policy, Omega’s website has direct links to sample contracts for each of their plans, making them immediately accessible. I’ve laid out all Omega has to offer below. Take a look to determine whether one of its extended warranties is right for you, and see why we named Omega one of the best extended warranties.

Editor’s Note (Last Updated: May 13, 2024) – We updated this review to reflect the latest coverage offerings, availability, and pricing.

Pros and Cons


  • Omega Maintenance Program benefits (i.e., oil changes, battery replacements, safety inspections, etc.) included with every policy

  • Three distinct coverage level options available to fit a wide range of vehicles

  • No waiting for reimbursements (Omega pays all repairs directly to the facility, except for emergency repairs)

  • Responsive customer service


  • 30-day waiting period

  • Lack of mobile app

  • Expensive rates compared to other companies

Who Should Buy?

Who It’s Best For

  • Those with new cars, specifically cars seven model years old or less
  • People who value extra benefits like emergency roadside assistance, rental reimbursements, and tire hazard protection coverage
  • Those who prefer to reach customer service via telephone

Who It’s Not Best For

  • People with cars older than 15 model years old
  • Those with antique or exotic vehicles
  • Those who prefer to manage their policies through a mobile app

Is Your Car Eligible?


  • Vehicles seven model years and less are eligible for their New Exclusionary Policy.
  • Vehicles that are ten model years and have less than 150,000 odometer miles are eligible for a Used State Policy.
  • Vehicles that are fifteen model years and have less than 250,000 odometer miles are eligible for a Powertrain Protection Policy.

Not Eligible

  • Cars older than 15 model years
  • Antique and exotic cars
  • Commercially used vehicles (i.e., ambulances, taxi and limousine services, rental cars, etc.)
  • Abused or neglected vehicles
  • Vehicles with odometers that appear tampered with or disconnected
  • Vehicles that are still under manufacturer’s basic warranty period
  • Grey market vehicles
  • Incomplete chassis, salvage, or branded title vehicles
  • Vehicles that weigh more than one ton
  • Vehicles outside of the U.S. or Canada
  • Vehicles equipped with snow plows or flat beds
  • Vehicles with off-road tires and wheels

How Omega’s Warranty Coverage Works

The Buying Process

The first step to buying a policy is to get a quote by calling Omega at 877-850-0443 or filling out its online contact form. Omega will help me identify the best extended auto warranties/vehicle service contract to suit my vehicle’s age and mileage. My coverage will begin 30 days after purchasing.

Omega Warranty Enter Information to Get Quote

How to File a Claim

If I need to file a claim, I begin by contacting Omega’s claims department at 877-850-0443. Once it is safe to do so, I can take my vehicle to a licensed repair facility of my choice. The repair shop will diagnose my vehicle and determine the cause of failure. The repair shop must contact Omega before beginning any repairs.

I will pay a $100 deductible per repair visit unless I choose one of Omega’s RepairPal-certified repair shops, which will waive my deductible. I can search for my nearest certified repair shop location by entering my zip code on their RepairPal website.1

Financial Secuirty Against Repair Costs Like These

Upon authorization and problem diagnosis, Omega will pay my claim directly.

Omega must first receive confirmation of my completed repair and an invoice from the licensed repair facility to pay my claim.

Omega also reserves the right to allow its Administrator to inspect my vehicle prior to issuing any authorization to the repair facility. If there is a dispute between the administrator and the repair facility, the administrator reserves the right to move my vehicle to a repair facility of the administrator’s choice.

Omega may reject my claim if the part my repair shop intends to fix or replace is not included in my policy contract under “covered parts.” It is important for customers to understand the “Stated Coverage” and “Exclusions From Coverage” sections of their contracts. These sections delineate which parts are covered and which are excluded. This understanding is essential to determining whether or not Omega will cover my claim.


You must have your chosen repair facility call Omega at 877-850-0443 before authorizing any repairs.

What Does an Omega Warranty Cover?

Omega Plans

Here’s an overview of each of Omega’s plans. Take a look to see which plan is right for you based on your vehicle’s age, mileage, and your desired level of coverage:

Protection plan Powertrain plan Powertrain Enhanced plan Powertrain Plus plan Used Stated plan Exclusionary plan
Vehicle model year maximum 15 15 15 10 7
Maximum odometer reading 250,000 miles 250,000 miles 250,000 miles 150,000 miles 100,000 miles
Coverages Essential vehicle systems, including engine, supercharger, turbocharger, transmission, transfer case, and drive axle(s) All Powertrain coverages, plus some electrical, A/C, and heating All Powertrain Enhanced coverages, plus cooling and fuel systems Repairs on most component systems, plus steering, suspension, fuel systems, and brakes Repairs on almost all component systems except exclusions
Emergency roadside assistance, roadside hazard coverage, rental car reimbursement, trip interruption, and maintenance benefits Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

I like that Omega’s website provides a section under the “Coverage” tab that delineates which component parts of each system are covered under each plan. Just because a policy says that it covers “Engine Repairs,” does not mean it will cover all repairs to the engine. Omega’s website clearly delineates which component parts of each system (engine, transmission, fuel system, steering, etc.) are covered under each plan.2

What’s Covered

Every Omega protection plan also has the following added benefits:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance: All Omega policyholders have access to towing assistance, jump-starts, flat-tire changes (using the customer’s inflated spare), lock-out assistance. vehicle fluid delivery (plus costs of fluids), concierge services (up to three calls), and reimbursement of expenses of up to $100 per occurrence. To request emergency roadside assistance, customers can call 877-553-0531.
  • Road hazard coverage: Road hazard coverage covers the cost of repairs needed due to hazards (e.g., potholes and rocks) on public roadways. This includes up to $100 in tire replacements per occurrence, with a maximum benefit of $400 in repairs.
  • Rental car reimbursement: Each protection plan covers rental car reimbursements of a maximum of $30 per day and up to $150 per occurrence. Customers must send their receipt from a licensed rental agency to Omega to receive their reimbursements.
  • Trip interruption: If you are more than 100 miles from home and have to pay for meals and overnight stays due to a covered car breakdown, Omega will reimburse you $75 per day for up to three days.
  • Omega Maintenance Program: All plans cover 13 months of maintenance coverage items, including:
    • Oil changes (up to five quarts), with a maximum of 3 oil changes during the covered term, at $40.00 for each service. If synthetic oil is used, Omega will issue a $55.00 discount.
    • $100 or $130 for brake pad and shoe replacements for select vehicles
    • $100 credit toward battery replacement
    • One cooling system maintenance service up to $40
    • Wiper blade replacement (up to 20” blades) with one free safety inspection during the term

In order to receive reimbursements for included benefits, customers must fax or email their invoice and paid receipt(s) to Omega within 45 days from date of service. Omega requests 3-4 weeks for refund processing. Here is their contact information:

  • Fax: 636-246-0333
  • Email:

What’s Not Covered

  • Vehicle damage caused by negligence, misuse, or collisions
  • Damage caused by lack of recommended vehicle maintenance or minimum requirement (e.g., an oil and filter change 60 days after purchase date and every six months thereafter)3


Enhanced Electronics Package

If you add this extra package to your protection plan, Omega will pay $750 toward repairs or replacements of original factory-installed components, including:

  • Radio/CD/DVD/VCR players
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Navigation systems
  • Touchscreen and voice-activated accessories, including display screens, heads up displays on windshields, and bluetooth voice recognition systems


Learn how to spot an auto warranty scam.

Omega Extended Warranty Cost

Omega does not provide an option to get a quote online, but based on some customer reviews, Omega Auto Care’s policies tend to be on the higher end of the cost spectrum compared to some of its competitors.

For example, the average monthly cost for a customer who purchased a New Exclusionary contract with Omega for a 2007 Honda Civic came out to around $3,705. A 2012 truck owner purchased a Powertrain Plus policy for $4,657 with a $495 down payment. These costs are generally higher than the 2024 industry average of approximately $2,800 for extended car warranties.

Comparatively, other major providers like Endurance offer plans with a monthly cost ranging from $114 to $156, and CARCHEX offers plans between $137 to $140 per month (depending on the term and coverage levels).

To get a precise quote for your vehicle, you must speak with an Omega sales representative.


Omega does not offer discounts for its customers.

Cancellation Fee

If you wish to cancel your Omega policy, you must complete the cancellation application attached to your original policy agreement. You’ll have to mail your application to Omega and pay a cancellation application fee of $75.

Most extended warranty companies, such as CARCHEX and Concord, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied or change your mind about your policy. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your policy, Omega will issue a full refund of the agreement price. If you cancel after thirty days, Omega will issue a refund on a pro rata basis.

During my research, I noticed negative reviews mentioning difficulty canceling contracts on BBB. That said, Omega did respond to each of these customer complaints on BBB.

For more information or help canceling your policy, you can call Omega’s client services department at 877-850-0446.

Customer Service Contact Information

  • Phone: 877-850-0443
  • Email:
  • Mailing address: 
    • 50 North Laura St., Suite 2500
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • 32202

Third-Party Reviews

Better Business Bureau

Omega Auto Care is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited and boasts an A+ rating. Though there are some negative customer reviews regarding cancellation experience and denied claims, Omega has a high response rate to these customer complaints on the site. As of April 2024, Omega has a 3.76 stars rating out of 5 on BBB from over 300 reviews.4


As of April 2024, Trustpilot rates Omega 3.9 out of five stars with 1,217 reviews. Many reviews on the site praise Omega’s communication and responsiveness. Specifically, many four- and five-star reviews, which make up nearly three-quarters of the total reviews, report quick issue resolutions, and overall helpfulness of Omega’s customer service representatives.5

Mobile App

Omega does not offer a mobile app, unlike companies such as CARCHEX and Endurance.

Company Background

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Omega Auto Care began serving customers in 1994, covering vehicle damage due to mechanical failures. Lyndon Southern Insurance Company underwrites Omega’s policies. Omega strives to cover repair expenses that typical factory warranties exclude. Omega has been BBB-accredited since 2017 and, as of April 2024, maintains its A+ rating.

How Does Omega Compare?

Omega is a vendor, meaning it underwrites its extended warranty policies to sell to its customers. Other vendors, like Toco, Concord, and Endurance, offer their own warranties to customers, whereas brokers like CARCHEX, CarShield, and autopom! sell policies across multiple companies.

In terms of cost, Omega is on the higher end compared to its competitors. However, the company stands out with its range of coverage levels and added perks like its maintenance program. If its additional benefits and coverage options align with what you need, it might still represent a good value, despite the higher price.


I look at various factors when compiling my extended warranty best pages and reviews.


I look at the criteria that qualify different vehicles for each extended warranty policy. These include the driver’s state and the vehicle’s age, make, model, and mileage.

Buying and Claims Process

I prioritize companies that provide many ways for customers to receive free quotes and contact customer service. Specifically, companies that offer online, phone, and mobile support are ideal. When it comes to the buying process, I prefer companies that do not require long waiting periods for coverage to begin.


In 2024, the average annual cost of an extended warranty policy ranges from $2,200 to $2,800. Omega is among the most expensive companies in the industry. As Omega does not offer the option to get a quote online and customer reviews report a wide range of quotes, both high and low, I recommend calling Omega to speak with a sales representative for precise information on cost for your specific vehicle.

Third-Party Ratings on Customer Service

I look at trusted third-party reviewers to determine how different companies perform in terms of customer service. For example, I use reviews and ratings from the BBB and Trustpilot to analyze the strength of a company’s communication with its customer base.

Mobile App

Though it is uncommon, some extended warranty companies provide mobile apps that enable customers to manage their policies on the go. To help me evaluate such apps, I refer to Apple App Store and Google Play ratings and reviews.


Some companies offer extra features, like maintenance programs, that offer added protection for all customers. Though I don’t penalize companies without such perks, I see the added value in those that do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Omega Auto Care legit?

Yes, Omega Auto Care is a legitimate extended warranty provider. Omega partners with RepairPal’s high-quality auto repair shops, and its BBB accreditation dates back to 2017.

How do I cancel Omega Auto Care?

To cancel your Omega Auto Care warranty, contact its Client Services department at 877-850-0443.


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