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Last updated: January 19, 2023

Concord Extended Warranty Review

Can the Concord Auto Protect car warranty company help you save on car repairs?

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Concord Auto Protect offers extended warranty plans, or “vehicle service contracts,” to provide customers with the level of coverage they need once their manufacturers’ auto warranties run out. So, who is an ideal policyholder with Concord? Below, you can find specific pricing information to help you compare it to extended warranty providers, as well as a detailed review of its protection plans.

Pros and Cons



  • Excellent, 24-hour live support from customer service

  • Nationwide coverage with widespread repair facilities

  • Luxury car warranties

  • 24/7 roadside assistance



  • Lack of mobile app

  • Relatively new company founded in 20131

Who Should Buy Concord Auto Protect?

Who It’s Best For

  • People with used and/or high-mileage vehicles
  • People who need frequent, expensive car repairs
  • Those who appreciate flexible payment plans

Who It’s Not Best For

  • People with newer vehicles
  • People with reliable vehicles without frequent, unexpected repairs
  • People who live outside of the U.S. or Canada

Is Your Car Eligible?


  • Exotic and luxury cars, like Ferraris, Bentleys, and Maseratis
  • Used or new cars

Not Eligible

How Concord Works

The Buying Process

Your first step in purchasing a policy with Concord is to request a free quote. Fill out the form on its website, where you will enter your contact and vehicle information, including its make, model, and mileage. You will also have the chance to identify any promotions you’re eligible for — if you are a veteran or government employee, you may qualify for a lower rate. Alternatively, you can request a quote by calling customer service at (888) 399-2811.

Filing a Claim

Concord pays for covered claims with a company credit card. Instead of paying for repairs and getting reimbursed later, bring your car to any ASE-certified repair facility.2

Once you present your Concord information, you’ll pay your deductible, if you have one. Then, Concord will pay for all covered claims over the phone. Typically, deductibles are $100, which you will spend each time you visit a repair shop, not per claim. This means a deductible payment during a single visit can cover multiple repairs.

Concord does not cover all claims. Its warranty policies do not cover personal items, carburetors, airbags, or glass. Additionally, Concord may not cover a claim if a policyholder fails to keep payments up to date or does not follow the maintenance schedule according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.


Pick Your Plan Through Concord Auto

There are three Concord Auto Protect plans for your extended auto warranty, including Powertrain as its most basic, Advanced, and its most comprehensive plan, Premium. When you request a quote, Concord will use your vehicle information and driving history to determine your plan.

What’s Covered

Below, find a breakdown of each protection plan based on its coverage level. The Premium plan from Concord will give you good peace of mind, and in our experience, it covered the cost of repairs the most for our 2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude.

Protection plan Powertrain Advanced Premium
What it covers Essential mechanical and electrical repairs:

  • Brakes
  • Cooling
  • Dead battery
  • Drive axle
  • Engine
  • Locksmith
  • Out of gas
  • Parts and labor
  • Towing
  • Transmission
  • Trip interruption
All Powertrain elements plus:

  • AWD and 4×4
  • Electrical
  • Steering
Covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns, except exclusions.3

All advanced elements plus:

  • Air conditioning
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
  • Front suspension
  • Fuel system
  • Heating
  • Hi-tech electronics
  • Rear suspension
  • Turbo and supercharger

What’s Not Covered

Concord’s policies exclude certain cosmetic or wear-and-tear items:

  • Battery
  • Battery cable harnesses and wire harnesses
  • Brake pads
  • Lighting assembly
  • Safety restraint systems
  • Shock absorbers
  • Struts
  • Thermostat/thermostat housing


Concord doesn’t cover damage from pre-existing mechanical issues, or for vehicles with evidence of odometer fraud.


All Concord plans include roadside assistance. Additionally, all Concord customers receive rental car reimbursements of up to $75 a day for up to four days — a total of $300 per incident.

Concord Auto Protect Cost

The minimum monthly cost of a policy with Concord is around $385. Though this may sound like an expensive rate, it’s only slightly higher than the national average monthly price of $331. The average annual cost for a plan is $5,838. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,615 to $7,061 a year for your extended warranty plan with Concord.

Concord uses many factors to calculate your rate, including your driving history and your vehicle’s year, make, model, and mileage. Contact a Concord agent for a free quote to find your exact rate. We suggest you compare your quote from Concord with those from other providers to see if you would save money on car repairs with Concord’s extended warranty.


Concord offers discounts for the following groups:

  • AAA and CAA members
  • Corporate employees
  • Government employees
  • Nurses and doctors
  • Seniors
  • Students
  • Veterans and military personnel

Concord also offers various holiday discounts, like its December 2022 Black Friday offer of 40 percent off with a $0 deductible, to customers who request a free quote and purchase a plan. These are some of the other holiday savings Concord has offered:

  • Fall savings: Up to $450 off and road hazard redemption reimbursement
  • Labor Day sale: Up to 40 percent off, $0 deductible, and a $100 Amazon gift card
  • Back-to-school sale: Up to 40 percent off and up to a year free


Concord will also award you a $5 discount if you book an online appointment through its website.

Money-Back Guarantee

Concord provides a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you change your mind after you purchase a plan.

Cancellation Fee

If you decide to cancel your plan with Concord, you can do so in the first 30 days for a full refund. After the initial 30-day period, Concord will refund you for the unused portion of your contract on a pro-rated basis. You’ll also have to pay a $25 administrative fee if you request a cancellation after the 30-day grace period.


Concord contracts are transferable, meaning you can sell your Concord extended warranty plan to your car’s next owner.

Customer Service Contact Information

Getting in touch with Concord is simple with its 24/7 live support. Simply call the customer service phone number to speak with a representative. Alternatively, you can fill out the quick inquiry form on its website.

  • Email:
  • Phone: (888) 399-2811

Third-Party Reviews

Better Business Bureau

Concord’s BBB rating is a B, despite its lack of BBB accreditation.4 Concord also has a 4.4 out of five star rating from its customers on the BBB, averaged from 62 customer reviews. These high scores mean that Concord Auto Protect warranty is highly recommended by the BBB and customers alike.


As of December 2022, Concord has 3.8 stars out of five on Trustpilot and a total of 339 customer reviews.5

Mobile App

Unlike other extended warranty vendors like Endurance and Carshield, Concord does not have a mobile app. Instead, you can contact a Concord agent using the customer service phone number or through its website’s 24-hour chatline.

Company Background

Michael Solomon founded Concord Auto Protect, Inc. in 2013 and still serves as its CEO as of December 2022. Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Concord provides nationwide extended warranty coverage for vehicles of all makes and models.

How Does Concord Compare?

Because Concord is a vendor rather than a broker, it is comparable to other vendors such as Toco and Endurance. Despite Toco’s  A+ rating from BBB, its minimum cost is higher than Concord’s at around $416 per month. Endurance’s policies cost an average of $185 a month, making it one of the cheapest extended warranty companies we’ve reviewed.


Our team examines the following factors when creating our extended warranty review and pricing pages.

Vehicle and Driver Eligibility

Different extended warranty providers cater to different kinds of drivers and cars. We look at the make, model, year, mileage, and pre-existing conditions of covered vehicles.

Buying Process and Claims

We see the value in companies that provide many different ways for customers to get quotes and buy policies, with both online and over-the-phone customer service.


Extended warranty companies tend to limit the amount of specific pricing information they make available online, so we look at the average costs of policies across the industry. Overall, the average annual cost of an extended warranty policy is $5,195.

Third-Party Ratings on Customer Service

We recognize how important communication is between policyholder and provider, so we look at trusted third-party reviewers, like BBB and Trustpilot, to determine how a company runs its customer service. We also prioritize companies that provide many ways for customers to reach them, like those with mobile apps, emails, phone numbers, and chatlines.

Mobile App

Many companies these days offer services through user-friendly mobile apps available in the Apple store and Google Play. These apps expedite processes such as claim filing, chatting with customer service, and canceling or reinstating policies.


Some companies offer perks, like discounts, promotions, or reward programs, but these are more of a bonus than a necessity.


Is it worth taking out an extended warranty?

Taking out an extended warranty policy is certainly worthwhile for some drivers. Many people find that aftermarket and third-party extended warranties cover problems that their manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t. You may benefit from an extended car warranty if you live in a state with high repair costs or if your vehicle is unreliable.

Depending on the provider and your insurance coverage, however, extended warranties can be expensive and unnecessary. Before you decide to purchase an extended warranty, look into your existing car insurance policy to see if there are any gaps in coverage.

How good is Concord Auto Protect at paying claims?

Since Concord pays for covered repairs with a company credit card, customers can visit any certified repair shop across the U.S. and Canada and avoid the hassle of reimbursements. Many customer reviews on BBB and Trustpilot praise Concord’s responsiveness and quick claim processing.

Who owns Concord Auto Protect?

According to the Better Business Bureau, Michael Solomon owns Concord Auto Protect.


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