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Last updated: June 29, 2023

The Average Cost of Car Insurance in Missouri

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for car insurance in Missouri, on average.

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If you’re one of the 4.2 million drivers in Missouri, you’ll need liability insurance to drive legally in the Show-Me State. The good news is that car insurance costs in Missouri are lower, on average, than in most other areas of the U.S., and you can choose from several top car insurance companies.

Below, we’ll look at what your auto insurance rates might look like based on your driving history, coverage type, ZIP code, and personal demographics (e.g., age, sex, marital status).

Average Cost of Auto Insurance in Missouri

As of 2020, the annual average cost of auto insurance was Missouri is $909, which is about 13 percent less than the national average of $1,047.1 While this is good news for most drivers in Missouri, it’s important to note that several factors affect your car insurance rates. Depending on how a provider determines your level of risk as a driver, your rates could be higher or lower than the above-mentioned averages.

Still, averages can give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for car insurance, especially if you think you might be overpaying for your current plan or you want to start shopping for a new plan. Below, we’ve compiled a detailed list of how much you can expect to pay, based on the most relevant factors that providers look at when calculating premiums.

By Age

Young drivers get into more accidents than drivers in any other age group, so it makes sense that their insurance rates would be higher than those of any other age group. If you’re a young driver, you can expect your rates to drop as you reach your mid-20s, where they’ll remain relatively low until your 70s (assuming you maintain a safe driving record).

Here’s the full breakdown of Missouri car insurance costs by age:

Age Average annual cost of car insurance in Missouri
16 $4,614
17 $3,773
18 $4,249
19 $2,890
20s $2,299
30s $1,529
40s $1,494
50s $1,320
60s $1,415
70s $1,587

By Gender

On average, men pay more than women for car insurance because men tend to have more accidents, traffic violations, and DUIs on their records. In Missouri, men generally pay more for car insurance than women by just a few dollars.

Gender Average annual cost of car insurance in Missouri
Male $1,555
Female $1,543

By Marital Status

Because married couples report fewer claims, receive fewer traffic violations, and pay their premiums on time at higher rates than single drivers do, their rates tend to be lower than those of single, widowed, or divorced drivers.

In Missouri, as in most other states, single drivers have the highest rates, on average.

Marital status Average annual cost of car insurance in Missouri
Single $1,304
Married $1,276
Divorced $1,294
Widowed $1,298

By Coverage Level

If you get into a car accident with damages or injuries that exceed your limits, you might have to pay for the costs out of pocket. We recommend increasing your limits to at least $500,000 and tacking on collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage. Full-coverage car insurance with higher limits will ensure that you’ll be covered for even some of the most devastating types of accidents (for example, those involving a total loss of the vehicle, injuries, and/or fatalities).


Missouri is 12th in the country for uninsured drivers, with 16 percent of the state’s drivers getting on the road without insurance. That means roughly 1 in 6 drivers does not have any insurance while driving.2

Coverage level Average annual cost of car insurance in Missouri
State minimums (liability coverage: bodily injury liability and property damage liability) $509
Comprehensive coverage $223
Collision coverage $309
Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage $54
Full-coverage car insurance (liability plus comprehensive and collision) $909

By Credit Score

Missouri, like most states, allows car insurance providers to use credit scores to calculate premiums. The higher your credit score is, the lower you can expect your insurance rates to be.

Credit score Average annual cost of car insurance in Missouri
Poor (under 500) $2,771
Average (500-675) $2,008
Good (676-799) $1,695
Excellent (800-850) $1,229

By Violation

The more often you get into traffic violations and the more severe those traffic violations are, the higher you can expect your insurance rates to be. Here’s how your driving history might affect your car insurance premiums.

Driving history Average annual cost of car insurance in Missouri
Clean driving record $1,305
Speeding ticket $2,208
Accident $2,246
DUI $2,410

By Company

Average car insurance rates vary from provider to provider. Here are the averages for some of the largest providers in Missouri.

Company Average annual cost of car insurance in Missouri
USAA $632
State Farm $1,005
American Family $1,181
Travelers $1,272
Progressive $1,620
GEICO $1,656
Allstate $1,892
Shelter $1,885

Cheap Car Insurance in Missouri for 2023

Wondering what the cheapest car insurance rates in Missouri look like? Here are the lowest rates in the state based on your driving background and demographics.

Category Most affordable company (on average) Annual rate
Male USAA $196 (minimum liability)
Female USAA $194 (minimum liability)
1 speeding ticket on record State Farm $459 (minimum liability)
Accident on record State Farm $504 (minimum liability)
Military/veteran USAA $212 (minimum liability)
Full coverage State Farm $1,005
Minimum coverage State Farm $420
Poor credit Travelers $2,373
20s Missouri Farm Bureau $2,682
30s Missouri Farm Bureau $1,175
40s Missouri Farm Bureau $1,175
50s Missouri Farm Bureau $1,104
60s Missouri Farm Bureau $1,104
70s American National $1,102

How to Save on Car Insurance in Missouri

There are a few strategies you can employ to save on car insurance in Missouri.

  1. When you’re shopping for car insurance, be sure to compare quotes from multiple car insurance companies before choosing a provider.
  2. Maintain or work to improve your credit score.
  3. Take advantage of a pay-per-mile plan if you don’t drive a lot.
  4. Increase your deductibles.
  5. Drive safely.
  6. Drive a vehicle with low insurance costs, like small SUVs, standard SUVs, and pickup trucks.


The average driver travels about 12,000 vehicle miles annually in Missouri.3 If you drive significantly less than 10,000 miles per year, however, you may be able to save on car insurance through a pay-per-mile program, like State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save.

Minimum Coverage Car Insurance in Missouri for 2023

Here are Missouri’s minimum insurance requirements:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage4

You can drive legally in Missouri with the above limits, but we recommend increasing your liability to $500,000 (or as much as you can afford). Fatal motor vehicle crashes can cost well over $1 million, and crashes that lead to injuries can cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.5


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the total cost of traffic deaths in Missouri was $1.3 billion in 2018. Medical costs made up $11 million of that total, and the rest was due to work loss payments.6

Missouri Fault Law

Missouri is an at-fault state that functions under pure comparative negligence laws. That means each driver can recover payments for damages that reflect their degree of fault, even if one driver is more at fault than the other party. So, even if you’re 99 percent at fault in an accident, you can still recover payments for 1 percent of the cost of damages.


An SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility proves that you have the minimum insurance requirements to drive in Missouri. If you are caught driving without insurance or get involved in a serious violation, like a DUI, you might need an SR-22.

If the state suspends your license for not having mandatory insurance during an accident, you’ll need to maintain an SR-22 on file with the Driver License Bureau for three years.


Car insurance in Missouri is cheaper than the national average for most drivers. With dozens of statewide and national providers, you’ll have the option to choose from some of the most recognized providers, as well as smaller niche/local auto insurance companies. Regardless of the type of provider you decide on, always compare quotes, ask agents about discounts, and explore usage-based insurance options (pay-per-mile insurance or safety-tracking driving programs) to find the best deal.


At, we leverage our 20-plus years of experience to help our readers make more informed and cost-effective insurance decisions. By helping to connect drivers with insurance providers, we’ve gained millions of data points that tell us why some car insurance providers are more successful than others. We use those insights to identify which providers in Missouri make the most sense for certain types of drivers, based on their gender, location, marital status, credit score, driving history, and other relevant factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the penalty for driving without car insurance in Missouri?

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, the state will add four points to your record for driving without insurance. If you get eight points within an 18-month period, you will face a license suspension. Here are the penalties that accompany a driving suspension:

Suspension number Reinstatement fee Suspension period (after proof of insurance and reinstatement fee are paid)
1 $20 0 days
2 $200 90 days
3 and subsequent $400 1 year

How much does car insurance cost for a teenager in Missouri?

The average annual rate for drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 is $3,882 in Missouri.

How much does an SR-22 cost in Missouri?

You can expect to pay a $15 to $25 filing fee for an SR-22 in Missouri. In addition, there’s a good chance your car insurance rates will increase if you need an SR-22.

How much does car insurance cost in Kansas City, Missouri?

On average, car insurance costs $1,016 per year in Kansas City, Missouri.


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