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Auto Insurance with No Personal Information

Comparing auto insurance quotes has become very easy now that you can go to countless Web sites and get quotes from any company all over the country, as long as you fill in all of the required information needed by the company. You can find these Web sites by doing a search for key words such as “auto insurance providers,” “low auto insurance rates,” or “online auto insurance quote.” You will then be given a long list of not only the sites of popular auto insurance companies, but also third party companies who can give you a compiled list of quotes from auto insurance companies. This list can be used to compare companies and see who will provide you the lowest premium rates to insure your vehicle.

At, we can easily give you a list of companies who are anxiously waiting for your business of auto insurance. We’ll provide quotes from at least five different auto insurance companies in your area. On top of that, we’ll also guarantee our superior customer service to help you purchase insurance.

Upon completing the required information fields to get your quotes, you’ll notice the need of entering some detailed personal information. While online convenience makes auto insurance quote comparisons readily available, giving away valuable personal information may seem precarious to some. Today’s high risk of identity theft and privacy issues may prevent these people from moving forward with getting auto insurance quotes and lowering their rates with an online search. Most sites providing auto insurance quotes require the entering in of very personal information such as a social security number and/or driver’s license number, which are two of the most important numbers in an adult’s life.

Many drivers do not wish to share personal information such as social security numbers or driver’s licenses with these companies via the Internet. Giving these numbers to an unfamiliar Web site that you haven’t dealt with before can raise concern and hesitation to move forward with the procedure of getting a quote. Worse-case scenario would be an unsuspecting driver entering in these numbers into an unknown false site/company, only to have those numbers stolen with no auto insurance for the driver. Without the victim knowing, those numbers could be used to open lines of credit, among other things. This would be an unfortunate result of trying to find a lower insurance rate.

Not giving your social security number or driver’s license to these companies would be ideal. Unfortunately, almost every auto insurance quote Web site requires these numbers for auto insurance quotes or you will not be given any quotes without that information and the free auto insurance quote process ends here. You are not permitted to enter in random numbers or zeros where those personal numbers are required before proceeding with the quote process. The company claims they need your personal information to gather your driving history and give you an accurate quote. Your driving record is a strong indication of the rate the auto insurance company will charge you.

Obviously, it is best to find auto insurance quotes without giving personal information, keeping your social security number and driver’s license number out of the hands of the strangers that run any kind of false auto insurance Web sites. Most auto insurance quote sites are in fact legit companies who won’t misuse your information, but some people aren’t willing to take the chance. Our company,, does not require the use of these personal numbers to provide you with quotes for auto insurance rates. respects your privacy and offers you auto insurance quotes without the need for your social security number or driver’s license. They understand a driver’s concern of finding and maintaining the lowest auto insurance rates possible without giving away that personal information upfront.

You should be able to receive auto insurance quotes without giving anyone your valued personal information over the Internet. This personal info is not required at to receive competitive auto insurance quotes. In order to provide you with an accurate estimate for auto insurance without your social security number or driver’s license number, you will need to provide your name, contact number, address where the vehicle is garaged, complete driving history, and vehicle information. It’s very important you are honest when you give this information as this will provide you a more accurate quote. If you purchase auto insurance on our site after receiving the quote, the insurance company will ask for your driver’s license number and will have access to your driving information. They could raise the rates if they’ve discovered any deception given in the preliminary information.

After entering this less risky type of personal information onto, you will receive quotes almost instantly from at least five insurance companies. Take the opportunity to read through and compare the quotes you’ve been given. Make sure the policy is what you need to provide you and any other drivers on your policy with the coverage required by state law as well as the coverage that gives you peace of mind. You do have the option to go back to and change the coverage of your desired policy to see how the price of the policy fluctuates. Remember that oftentimes the minimum liability amount is small in comparison to the cost of accidents. Whatever cost exceeding your minimum liability amount will be paid out of your pocket.

Once you’ve received and read through your quotes, you may be given the option of purchasing a policy online through our site. Following the remainder of the process will lead you to the final step, which is printing out proof of insurance instantly for your records. This instant proof of insurance is beneficial to those who need proof of such insurance to reinstate a suspended license.

When you have reviewed the quotes given to you by the auto insurance companies, you can take advantage of this convenience and purchase a policy. It is at the time of purchase that you will be required to provide your driver’s license or social security number to our site or representative by phone. This helps the insurer to verify you are who you say you are, as well as confirm your driving record. Purchasing the policy right then may present the ability to print out proof of your insurance for your own records.

Taking advantage of our site’s ability to provide auto insurance quotes will keep your mind at ease as you shop around for the best rates and coverage. You do not need to worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands here because we take pride in our customer service and our ability to help drivers in a way that other online companies cannot. provides auto insurance quotes to any driver without the use of their driver’s license number or social security number. appreciates their customers and strives to provide car insurance quotes without personal information for any driver’s convenience. We offer outstanding customer service for all who are seeking car insurance quotes. While other auto insurance quote sites require your driver’s license number and/or social security number to only give you a quote, we at do not. We will supply you with at least five quotes from reputable auto insurance companies, and to go even further we will give you the option to purchase a policy right here on our site. It is only upon the purchase of your policy that will we need your personal information, but not before then.