Published: May 29, 2019Updated: July 13, 2022

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The World Wide Web can provide motorists with a wealth of information about auto insurance. Drivers can research state requirements, gather estimates, and purchase protection plans with minimal effort from the comfort of home. But before venturing into cyberspace in search of auto coverage, there are several important details that motorists should be aware of. Online resources can allow individuals to efficiently compare quotes and make purchases, but it’s the consumer’s responsibility to take the necessary precautions to avoid fraudulent activity.

To efficiently gather and compare online car insurance quotes, motorists must relay several important details but should also safeguard sensitive personal information. Shoppers are commonly asked to give their gender, age, address, claims history, and other essential specifics because these facts are used by insurers during the rating process. There is some info, however, that is rarely necessary to produce an estimate.

A person’s social security number, for example, is an important bit of information that shouldn’t be required to produce a sample rate. Similarly, quotes can be found on the Internet at no cost to motorists, giving companies little reason to require any credit card data. If an Internet resource demands this info before producing an estimate, drivers are strongly encouraged to complete their shopping elsewhere.

Safely Search for Online Car Insurance

Purchasing vehicle coverage on the World Wide Web requires similar precautions to avoid potential scams or other fraudulent activity. As the Texas Department of Insurance notes, buying coverage on the Internet is commonly safe when acting through a trusted merchant, but it’s still important to keep all browsing software properly updated. A browser that is up to date can help ensure that credit card numbers and other sensitive personal data are encrypted, and can usually notify the user if they are viewing a suspicious website.

For additional safety, shoppers should ensure that the site address begins with “https://” indicating that the website in question is secure. Although these are helpful ways to avoid potentially harmful viruses and illegitimate insurers, they are not entirely foolproof. It’s also essential that vehicle owners only interact with companies that are licensed to sell coverage in their state of residence. All insurers must be officially certified to sell car coverage in a specific state. One of the best ways of ensuring that a company is licensed is to check information provided by state regulators.