’s primary goal is to help consumers shop and buy auto insurance by showing multiple quotes from multiple carriers at the same time. Our carriers must allow their quotes to be shown in a competitive pricing platform that could save you money. In essence they compete for your business and thus are committed to providing customers the ability to buy their insurance online (without an agent) or by speaking with one of our independent licensed agents.

We’ve included a variety of auto insurance carriers to ensure all types of drivers have options for buying insurance. Our insurance carriers are large, stable, respected, and have a nationwide presence. In order to be included on carriers have to provide industry leading customer and claims services.

Additional features all of our carriers include:

  • 24x7 Claims Reporting
  • Financial Stability (A- or greater A.M. Best Rating)
  • Dedicated Toll Free Phone Line for Customer Service
  • Customer Websites with Online Customer Service
  • Mobile App for Customer Service